Oregon Football stories. Cal @ Oregon 2009

our 4th game of the 2009 season was at home against the #6th ranked California Golden Bears on the 4th saturday of september 2009

#6 California @ Oregon


on monday, i told Ian and Maddi about the Utah game and our upcoming game against Cal

in marine bio class i talked about the game with Robyn, Sophie and their friends

since Sophie was a cheerleader for Roosvelt (high school we went to) i also talked about oregon’s hot cheerleaders

in math class i was talking about how hot oregon’s cheerleaders are to guys i was sitting near and Lindsey Hanson over heard me talking so she joined the conversation.  Lindsey was also a cheerleader for RHS so i guess the words ‘hot’ and ‘cheerleader’ together got her attention haha!  so yea i told her about the game and how the oregon color guard girls do this dance i really like every time oregon gets a first down and so she was smiling and laughing..  i’m always entertaining when i talk about girls i guess haha!

the whole week i heard from husky fans like Mourya Mamidala that UW is back after beating USC and that oregon’s run of success is over.  i just told people who’d listen that if we beat #6 Cal, the whole country will fall in love with us again and that we’ll be in prime position to end USC’s dynasty.

throughout the week i read that oregon was having good practices and that we were going to wear retro uniforms.  i knew something was up, i just knew that oregon was beginning to wake up.. what i didn’t know was that oregon was going to burst out with a fire, but i knew something was up so i told my friends in marine bio class that Cal is in trouble

thursday after school, i called my mom and told her that we were going to beat Cal! she said “are you sure?” and i said “i’ve never been more sure about anything in my life, we’re going to win! i can just feel it mom!”

on friday in my classes, i told Sophie, Maddi, Ian and Robyn how excited i was for the game because i knew we were going to win!  they all wished me luck and told me to have a blast

after school on friday, my mom and i drove down to eugene

on the radio they were saying that Cal is going to give oregon its worst home loss since arizona kicked our ass in 2006

they were saying that Cal would kick our ass because we couldn’t throw the ball

i just told my mom that they’re in for a surprise because we’re going to have a field day passing the ball which will open up the running lanes allowing us to light up the scoreboard

i just knew that we were going to win! sometimes you just have that feeling when you KNOW something is going to happen but you can’t explain it cause you don’t know why, but you just KNOW its going to happen! well i had that feeling for the Cal game

when we got to eugene, instead of going to the hotel i asked my mom to go to Mac Court (our old basketball/volleyball arena)

it just so happened that on that friday, the #6th ranked oregon volleyball team was at home facing the #1st ranked huskies, so i had my mom drop me off at Mac Court

i went in and asked the crowd security guard if it was okay if i could be in the Pit Crew (oregon student section at Mac Court aka THE PIT) he said yea so i jumped in

its always been a dream of mine to be in the Pit Crew so that was awesome!

i picked up on all the chants really fast and had a blast

you could tell in that moment that i was born to be at oregon, i was born to be a member of the Pit Crew

everything they did, i did too

i fit right in, i was a member of the Oregon Pit Crew for one night 🙂

we lost but it was soooooooooooo much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!

friday night i slept tight got a good nights rest in my hotel room

saturday morning i woke up at 7am, ate breakfast, took a shower and got my ducks gear on

my mom dropped me off at Autzen and it was sunny and 80 degrees out!  a good day for football, and a great day to get my last tan of the year!

when the team walked through the MO Center, i gave a lot of the players a high five

then i went up to my seat

during warm-ups, the band always practices their songs so i recorded their songs so on monday i could do the first down color guard dance for Lindsey

when the team came out for warm-ups in their retro uniforms, i was all excited!

also the students were back cause it was back to school weekend for them so the student section was full and they practiced all of their chants

after two hours of warm-ups, i was sun burnt/baked so i had my tan 🙂


oregon got the ball first, and on the kickoff the oregon cheerleaders were doing this thing where they shake their booty, its EXTREMELY HOTT AND SEXY, so i said outloud:

“there’s something i can tell Lindsey about, she’ll love hearing this”

on the kickoff, oregon fumbled it and Cal recovered so i said “Fuck!”

so Cal has the ball and Autzen is DEAFENING!

on first down Cal fumbles it but they recover.  we get them to go 3 and out so they settle for the field goal

Autzen is known for being super loud on field goals and this was no different, but cal made it to go up 3-0

then on our first drive, LMJ fumbles it and Cal picks it up and i say “come on oregon!” but then oregon tackles the guy who got the fumble and he fumbles it and we recover it!

what a crazy start to the game!

with the ball again, qb jeremiah masoli completes a couple of 3rd and 4th down passes and gets us into field goal range

oregon settles for the field goal and we’re tied at 3!

cal has the ball and Autzen is deafening, its crazy super loud! and we stuff cal’s offense!

after a LMJ run and masoli pass, we’re at Cal’s 25 yard line

masoli, who everyone says can’t throw, lobs a pass to the endzone for Ed Dickson aaaaaaaand…

TOUCHDOWN ED DICKSON!!!! autzen explodes!!!

all of the people around me give each other high fives!  it’s the third home game and we’re all season ticket holders so we now know each other a lot so we chest bump and stuff on big plays!

then instead of kicking the extra point, oregon rolls the dice and goes for two!

nate costa throws to kicker morgan flint aaaaaaaaand… its good! we get the two! early in the 2nd quarter we’re leading #6 Cal 11-3!!

we go back on defense and autzen is even louder!! i said outloud:

“i wish Ian and Maddi were here, they would love this!”  some guy next to me asked “who’s Ian and Maddi”  i said “friends back home in seattle”

cal marches down field but gets no points so we’re still up 11-3 and our hot offense has the ball again!

but LMJ fumbles it and cal recovers it on our 40 yard line.. crazy game so far!

very next play though, Cal fumbles it and we recover it!  could this game be any crazier?!

with all the craziness, i couldn’t help but laugh! i said outloud:

“this is why i love college football! man i’m gonna have stories to tell Maddi and the rest of my friends when i get back home!”

then with the ball again, after a masoli pass to Dickson and a big gain by Remene Alston, Remene punches it in for a TD!!

TOUCHDOWN DUCKS!!! place is going crazy i’m going crazy its an animal house!  we’re up 18-3 on the #6 team in the nation!!

cal drives into our territory but then is forced to punt, giving our hot offense the ball back with a 2 score lead

first play, LMJ busts free for a big gain into cal territory! we’re in business again!

then we’re forced to punt and our guy shanks it

game keeps getting crazier!

cal has another chance to get back into it

but we stuff them, they punt it and they shank it too!

i say outloud “god this game is too crazy!! atleast we’re up by 15, whew!”

after a masoli run and LMJ run, LMJ punches it in!


just like that we’re kicking Pussy Cal’s ass 25-3!! (on the oregon addicted to quack ATQ blogs, oregon fans call California “Pussy Cal”)

so we’re ahead 25-3 at halftime against the #6 team in the country and i say “i hope our offense stays hot because Cal could still come back”

at the start of the 2nd half, Cal has a big play and is threatening to score but then our defense shuts them down, they don’t score!

after a few passes and runs, we’re back in cal territory

masoli does a play action pass and throws it near the endzone to Ed Dickson aaaaaaand…

TOUCHDOWN!!!!!!!  TOUCHDOWN ED DICKSON!!!!!!! 32-3 ducks!!!!!!!! we’ve got this game!!

with the ball, Cal of course marches into oregon territory again, but like always, they come away with no points!

witht the ball again, after a few passes and runs, we’re around the Cal 40 yard line

then masoli throws a jailbreak screen pass to Ed Dickson, he catches it and breaks free to the endzone!!

TOUCHDOWN!!!! TOUCHDOWN ED DICKSON!!!!!!!!!  39-3, this game is over! we got it!!!!

then in the 4th quarter, backup qb Nate Costa leads us down field and we get a field goal, 42-3 ducks!!

the clock expires after we sack Cal’s qb

final score: oregon 42, #6 Cal 3!!!


we kicked Cal’s ass!!!!


i yell outloud:

“that one was for you mom, you’re still undefeated!!!! HEY AMERICA, you’re team is baaaaaaaaack!!!!!”

(if you watch ESPN, they always say that oregon is america’s team because of our offense and how we’ve climbed from being a pushover for 90 years to being who we are now)


i went on the field afterwards, it wasn’t storming the field cause we didn’t storm the field, i just walked on after they opened the gates

anyways when i got to midfield, i looked up at the scoreboard, smiled and said:

“i wish you were here Maddi”

then i went and got on the bus to go back to the hotel

i drank my gatorade and ate my cinnamon pizza, my mom took care of my sun burn which stung like a bitch

i went on facebook and posted a status that read:


my mom and i were both super happy and excited!

once i calmed down, i told myself:

“alright, now we’re the only team that can end USC’s dynasty.. are you up for the challenge oregon?”  i paused and said “yea, my ducks are up for it! hey USC, we’re coming for YOU!!!”

on sunday, i woke up and checked the rankings and saw my ducks jumped back in in the high teens

on the drive home my mom was so excited she asked me how oregon’s offense and why its so fun and why we’re america loves us so much

i told her everything i knew

on the drive home, i also was super eager to get back to school and tell Ian, Maddi, Sophie, Robyn and all their friends about the game!  i was especially excited for math class because i couldn’t wait to do the color guard first down dance for Lindsey!

we’re back, and the country has forgotten about UW now

it’s all about the Ducks!

we get home to seattle and i sleep for like 12 hours because the trips to oregon take everything out of me, not physically but mentally.  but they are so much fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

oh yea whoops one more thing…



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