Oregon Football stories. Washington State @ Oregon 2009

oregon’s 5th game of the 2009 season was at home against unraked washington state (wazzu) on the 1st saturday of october

Wazzu @ #16 Oregon


monday at school i told Maddi and Ian all about the Pussy Cal game (i love saying pussy cal).  i didn’t tell them that they should’ve been at the game because i don’t want people to be jealous of me

i also didn’t tell them that i thought of them during the game because everyone thinks that oregon is #1 to me in front of everything when in fact, friends are #1 to me.  without my friends, oregon games aren’t as special and fun as they are.

i ALWAYS think of my friends when i’m at games.  if i had a million dollars, i’d take ALL my friends to every game with me, thats not me being sweet thats how i really feel

anyways back to the story i guess i’ll call it?

i was super happy in marine bio with Robyn and her friends because with oregon ahead of UW again, i was the top guy, top dog in the class ya dig

in math class, i did the color guard first down dance for Lindsey, she laughed so she loved it.  Rhylie Wilson probably saw the dance too cause she was in my math class

the week went by and i didn’t talk too much cause i was finally relaxed and happy knowing my Ducks are flying high again

i just pretty much kicked it in mr. karl’s class with Maddi and Ian, having fun conversations everyday

even though i hated mr. karl’s class, it was my favorite class because i sat right next to Ian and more importantly Maddi!  i always got to talk to her and not once was i ever shy around her and i always looked at her eyes because i had never seen green eyes as pretty and beautiful as Maddi’s

back to the football stories haha!  (you notice how i go off track about my friends, its cause without them these football stories never happen)

my mom said that since she’s done 3 straight games, she was exhausted and couldn’t do another game for atleast 3 weeks

i told her that okay, my dad will do Wazzu because Wazzu sucks

friday, like always, Maddi told me to have fun at the game.  it was nice having a friend that didn’t always say “ducks suck” or “you know what rhymes with ducks? fucks” but rather would tell me to have fun cheering on my favorite team

since my twin brother Alex is a cougar fan, he was going to the game also

on saturday morning, we left for eugene

when we got to eugene, it was cloudy and COLD

after the team came through, alex and i headed up to our different seats

when i got to my seat, i looked up at alex sitting all alone near the top of the visitor’s section, but since there were like no wazzu fans there, he was surrounded by ducks

i felt bad so i walked up there and got him, brought him down and snuck him into my section

right before we entered my section though, our cousin Brittany sees us and so we talked for a few minutes.  i was sooooooooooo happy to see Brittany!!!  i only get to see her once or twice a year and i love her so much! i was just overwhelmingly happy to see her!

Brittany couldn’t sit with alex and i because she was with her friends so when she had to go over to the student section, i threw my arms around her and gave her a big warm hug!

then alex and i went down to my seat and watched warm-ups

during warm-ups, a few of my friends in my section started saying shit to my brother because he was wearing cougar gear.  duck fans are known for being the meanest in the pac 10 so i knew it could turn ugly fast so i stood up on the bleacher and told my section mates:

“HEY! this is my twin brother so CUT IT OUT or i’ll FUCK YOU UP!”

they listened and so from there on, there was only friendly trash talk between alex and them


when the game kicked off, wazzu got the ball first

wazzu made some plays but then oregon got the ball

there isn’t much to say about the game other than we kicked wazzu’s ass 52-6

the game was over by halftime

it was so lobsided i stopped yelling on defense in the 3rd quarter

alex yelled in the 1st quarter when wazzu was on defense

he yelled until oregon was up by 21

my section mates actually applauded alex for screaming even while knowing his team had no chance

when wazzu made plays, my section mates actually gave alex high fives which made me smile because i got them to be good sports

i mean wazzu is so bad, there’s no reason for oregon fans to be anything but nice to them

in the 2nd half, because of the blowout, i stopped screaming so my adrenaline stopped flowing and because it was cold out, i got really cold fast

i had to put my gloves on to keep my hands warm

by the time the game ended, i was coming down with a cold


as we were leaving the section, i asked my section mates if they’d be at the next home game on halloween against Mighty USC

they all said yes so i said “see you then” and we all gave each other man hugs

alex and i got back to dads car and we headed home

on the ride home, i tried to think of what to tell Maddi but my brain was dead because of oregon’s first 5 games of 2009, i had been to all 5 games! that i thought, was something to tell Maddi about monday at school

i could tell Maddi and Ian that i’ve just had the 5 wildest weeks of my life and now that oregon’s next game is at UCLA in pasadena, i could finally rest and recover

finally, these 5 weeks are over and i get to rest!

what a ride this has been so far!

UCLA up next, then a bye week before oregon comes to seattle to face UW, so i have 3 weeks to recover!

highlights of the game


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