Seattle Covid19

Covid19 cases have doubled in Seattle in the last two weeks. Washington has a Democratic governor, and Seattle has a Democratic mayor. Cases are now higher today than they were when we first went into shelter in place (half assed lockdown), yet we are still open for some reason. This is so fucking stupid that I’m literally breaking. It’s all so much needless sickness and death. Democrats will surely cave in to Trump’s pressure to reopen the schools, because that is what capitalism demands. We are ruled by Death Eaters, in every major institution, as philosopher Heather Marsh has said.

As always, this could all be done with relatively quickly. If Seattle implemented a hard mask mandate tomorrow, meaning everyone must wear a mask at all times when they leave the house, not just for public indoor spaces but also outdoor exercise, being at the park etc, as Goldman Sachs said, the R0 would be 0.6. Cases would go up for another two weeks, then level off, probably around 100 if done tomorrow. In three weeks, just as cases have leveled off and are about to decline, impose a hard 60 day lockdown, nobody leaves their house.

With an R0 of say 0.5, cases during the first week of hard lockdown would fall to 50 per day. By the end of week two, new cases would be at 25 per day. End of week three, new cases would be at 12 or 13. End of week four, new cases are at six. End of week five, we’d be down to three new cases. Week six, one new case per day. Week seven and eight, we’d reach the magical number of zero new cases per day.

At that point, we’d be able to end the lockdown. I didn’t say reopen, I said lift the lockdown. The word reopening, even with phases, has led many to believe we are done with the pandemic. We need a different word, such as phase one recovery, or post first wave containment phase, or something. After the lockdown, people would likely be further traumatized thus there’d hopefully be higher compliance with wearing masks. Once the lockdown is lifted, implement a 90 day mask mandate where masks must be worn at all times outside of the house. Close off ¼ of all car lanes/roads to be used for pedestrians in order to maintain physical distancing of six feet. Being that a mask mandate with compliance rate of just 60% keeps the R0 under 1, with cases at zero, as a city we’d stay at zero cases for three months post lockdown while the rest of the state and country go through absolute shit.

The two month lockdown plus three month mask mandate would get us through the next five months, at which point hopefully the governors of blue states find their strength and will power to resist Trump to do what’s needed to save their own people. I don’t have much hope though, because as Heather Marsh has said, the Democrats are mostly Death Eaters too. They want more deaths because they’re capitalists, and they hope it will lead to a landslide Biden win even though that’s already baked in even if there were no more deaths starting tomorrow.

Dear Democrats, Biden is going to win. Now fucking shut your states down as hard as China did with Wuhan, for two months, and then force everyone to wear masks 24/7 for three months, so nobody else has to die you fucking assholes.

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