Human rights

These are a few things which I believe to be basic human rights.

1. Freedom to the earth (the commons). In short, this means I don’t believe in property rights/nation-states/borders etc. Although we may be the dominant species on this planet, we don’t own the earth. The earth is for all of us to share with each other and the millions/billions of other species. No one person may claim to own any grain of sand, salt, rock, water, tree, grass etc. Any claim of ownership over a plot of land, any fences or walls or forms of enclosure are a violation of the human rights of others to inhabit the earth. Also, enclosure of the commons is a violation of the rights of all other species, as we all inhabit this earth together and thus we must share the space.

2. Freedom of movement/migration. We all share this planet together, thus no person may be denied the right to roam freely and to migrate to where they wish. Human beings are human beings, regardless of age, gender, birth place etc. No person shall have to show a piece of paper or card ID of any sort proving who they are in order to cross an artificial imaginary line which only exists on paper and is enforced by men with guns. No person shall have to walk across deserts, dig tunnels, pay ransom to smugglers etc in order to migrate. Borders shall be abolished and public transit shall be internationally linked. Included in the basic human right of freedom of movement is obviously the right to public transit for the sake of human movement, and thus public transit shall be free.

3. Healthcare. Every person has the right to the resources they need to be their healthiest selves. Medication shall be free. Therapy shall be free. Self-care such as massages, facials, pedicures etc shall be free. Gym memberships shall be free. Dental care shall be free. Glasses, knee braces, other bodily support things shall be free. Surgery shall be free except for those which are just self-enhancing. Reproductive care shall be free, including abortion. Things which artificially drive up the cost of healthcare such as hospital monopolies, intellectual property, guilds etc shall be abolished.

4. Healthy organic sustainable local food. Every person has the right to healthy food grown from a seed in nature in a sustainable way using as less water as possible close to home. No person shall have to rely upon their food traveling thousands of miles by large ship, or by plane, or by long haul truck/train. Every person has the right to have their food grown in the most sustainable way possible, whether that be permaculture, aquaponics, agroforestry.

5. Clean water. Every person has the right to clean water, whether it be for drinking purposes or recreational purposes. Due to the point above about sustainable food, every person has a right to water which isn’t polluted by agricultural runoff, industrial waste runoff, road wastewater runoff, or plastic. All sources of wastewater runoff shall be sent to a wastewater treatment facility to be treated before entering the ecosystem again. All roads shall have roadside rain gardens to collect wastewater runoff and beautify neighborhoods.

6. Clean air. Every person has the right to breathe clean air of the highest standard. All sources of air pollution shall be eliminated. Cars shall be abolished. Single family housing shall be abolished, as denser neighborhoods frees up space for parks/green space, which acts as a carbon sink. Green spaces shall be increased dramatically so no person is more than a 5-10 minute walk from an open green space. Trees shall line every street. Every rooftop shall be green. Every tall building shall be covered in vine/vertical gardens so as to be a carbon sink, reduce energy use, and create oxygen. Cities are notorious for low oxygen levels, which is in violation of everyone’s basic right to clean breathable air. Guaranteeing everyone’s right to clean breathable air will also reduce greatly the urban heat island effect.

7. To see the night sky. Every person has a right to connect with the whole universe on clear nights, meaning every person has a right to a night sky free of light pollution. Every light on every street shall be covered with a lid to prevent the light from escaping into the sky. Trees shall surround every building of living people to prevent as much light as possible from escaping into the sky. Every building taller than 10 floors shall turn off all their lights above the 10th floor for 4-8 hours a night, depending on the season. Every town and city shall be darkened enough that every person can see the Milky Way Galaxy on a clear night, and also so that night time animals can live and come out instead of going extinct.

8. Knowledge and education. Every person has a right to the knowledge with which they seek. This means all public education shall be free, all the way up through grad school. Every book at every library shall be free. All things which prevent one from being able to gain knowledge, such as intellectual property, classified/top secret government documents, trade secrets and so forth, shall be abolished.

9. Peace, autonomy, happiness, love. Every person has a right to a long joyful life of their own choosing. Everything which takes away one’s own autonomy, which takes away their choice of life, shall be abolished. This means every gun, bullet, bomb, naval ship, submarine, fighter jet, missile, tank etc shall be abolished. Every weapons factory shall be dismantled. Every possible thing that can be used for coercion, including money, shall be abolished.

There’s more I could do but these are the nine things which come to me right now. These are nine things which I believe in my heart and yea. Feel free to add on.

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