Random thoughts

The thing I don’t understand about all the border stuff is why it’s even an issue to begin with. What I mean is, we don’t even need so called immigration reform. We don’t need even the smallest bit of border security. Why? Currently as a country, as a whole, we throw away about half our food. Now, it’s not all individuals throwing away their food, it’s corporations throwing it away too rather than giving it away for free because it wasn’t sold. Also, there are millions of people in the country going hungry every day. Our food distribution system is shit (pardon my language) because of capitalism. That said, my point is, as a country, half our food gets thrown away. In other words, technically speaking, we grow enough food today to feed a population of double our current size. Our current population is around 330 million. Just on food alone, we can support a population of 660 million people, right now. So what I’m wondering is, why is immigration even a fucking issue?

If I was running for office right now, I wouldn’t do what the Democrats do, which is claim we need border security and fund DHS & ICE and not oppose the Bush/Obama/Trump deportation program, but be against the wall & child concentration camps. No. No no. I would say, abolish the god damn border. Let everybody in. We can support all of them. We have enough resources and space to support every last person coming across the southern border. In fact, I would go even further. Hey China, you don’t want your east Turkestan muslims? Instead of putting them into concentration camps, give them to us. We’ll take them in and support them. Hey Myanmar, you don’t want the Rohingya anymore? Fine, we’ll take them. Putin, you don’t want LGBTQ people? Send them our way, we’ll love and support them. Israel, you won’t give the Palestinians their freedom? Fine, just let us have them and we’ll create a Palestine here. I mean, at the very minimum, the U.S can support another 330 million people. There’s currently between 60 and 70 million refugees/stateless people in the world. The U.S can bring in all of them with room and resources to spare.

This isn’t to mention that, if we’re being honest, the U.S can actually support a population between 1 billion and 1.3 billion pretty comfortably. Agriculture accounts for roughly 90% of water use. Only 10% of water use is household/buildings etc. Aquaponics/permaculture/agroforestry and other types of sustainable regenerative ecological food growing systems can grow the same amount of food as traditional/monoculture/industrial/animal agriculture using just 1/10th the amount of water. So basically, even with today’s amount of food waste, we could grow 3x as much food using 70% less water to support a population of 1 billion. Add on that non agricultural water use would go from 10% to 30% due to the population increase, and overall speaking, as a country we’d be using 43% less water than today while supporting a population three times greater than today. With that amount of water use reduction, we could even remove a lot of dams, and we’d be much more drought resistant!

Of course, lastly on this issue, as a matter of principle, I believe in the basic human right known as freedom of movement. Borders, to put it lightly, are a violation of this human right. Borders are an artificial creation. It’s just a line on a piece of paper which wouldn’t have any power over human lives were they not enforced by men with guns. Some things in life which we think are real are in fact not real. Borders are one such example. However, I know I can be quite idealistic, and I also know that to be against borders, to be against the concept of the nation-state, is to open yourself to being called anti-American. Anti-patriotic. Hates his own country. All those kinds of insults. So yea. Ugh.

On the 2020 Dem primary, before it gets into full gear, I just want to say that since well basically I’ll never be able to like any of them, I just hope it’s a woman that wins. That’s it, that’s all I’ll say from now until November 2020. In fact, just for the sake of it, I hope all the men stay out of it and just let the primary be an all women primary. I think that’d be cool. I don’t care which of the women win, just let it all be women. All women debates. 1st 2nd and 3rd place in the Iowa caucus all be women. Coming down to the wire, who’s gonna be the Dem nominee, one woman or her opponent, another woman? Then in 2024, or 2028 if the Dems woman nominee wins in 2020, AOC can run and win. Have the 2020’s be the changing of the guard per se, the decade of the women leaders. Will it change much ideologically, enough to save us from catastrophic and possible extinction level global warming? Probably not, but having a little bit of hope would be better than having none at all, I think.

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