Creating the best dystopia movie series ever

We’re making a dystopian movie series. Not me, us. All of us. The world.

Film is art, it’s an expression of how one either sees the world today, or sees the world in the future. Most if not all dystopian movies are based in the future, and many have eugenics as a central theme, whether in the form of human cloning, or human slaves who are half robot (Blade Runner), or human tributes (Hunger Games) or zombies. They generally have a single evil corporation, or a single evil state government, or both. There’s population control, and often the earth is a wasteland. Problem is, these dystopian movies are based in the future, or based on a fictional universe from a book series. The eugenics is impersonal too, as it’s clones or zombies or robots or tributes in a game.

We’re going to create the most realistic hard hitting dystopian film series ever. It will be human. It won’t be in the future, it will be today. It won’t be in a fictional universe, it will be here, our world. Eugenics will be a central theme, but there will be no zombies, no robots, no cloning, no tributes. There will be no single evil corporation, nor will there be a single evil state government. There will be no great war battle victory, well there will be, except the freedom won won’t actually be freedom won.

This dystopian movie series of ours will show that the future dystopian world we see in movies is our real world, except that it is worse. The movies will show what eugenics really is, and that’s the top killing the bottom. The earth won’t be a wasteland, but you will see the earth being turned into a wasteland. It will be very depressing, very dark. There will be scenes of big trucks driving in and out of huge open pit mines. You’ll see tailings pond from tar sands. You’ll see forests cut down for animal agriculture and to clear paths for pipelines. You’ll see poisoned water. You won’t see the earth dead, our dystopia movie series will show the earth being raped, and it will show who’s doing the raping. You’ll see the corporate boardrooms, you’ll see politicians meeting their donors and then giving a populist campaign rally speech an hour later.

The timeline won’t start in 2018 though, or in today’s age. The start of this series will go way back. It will show the Americas pre-colonization. It will show the creation of the trade economy is Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago, and then it will progress. You’ll see the crusades. You’ll see the great trade empires of the old Silk Road. You’ll see the European trade empires. You’ll see the colonization of the Americas and Africa and so forth. You’ll see the U.S proclaim to defeat the Nazis only to then recruit thousands of them under Operation Paperclip. You’ll see the witch hunts and what and who were really behind them. You’ll see the ins and outs of patriarchy. You’ll see empire, not the U.S empire because that was never really a thing, but the supranational trade empire. You’ll see empire in a more detailed way than in Rogue One, which is the one Star Wars movie that actually took effort in showing how dark empire is, how empires attain their resources and labor and such.

You’ll see how certain myths and policies are truly genocidal. I could go on but yea. Since it’ll be based on today, on our world, on right now, there will be no big final battle, no victory at the end of the series. There will be no typical happy ending. I mean, there will be a happy ending of course, but will just be normal people doing small things to resist, like collecting their own rainwater and using aquaponics to feed their community for free.

So yea, it will be modern, it will be real, it will be dark, but it will serve a purpose. To show what eugenics really is, and who’s behind it.
Now, the story kind of will write itself if we, you know, ever have $1 billion to make 10 films, or more films, if we can do it. After all, the story is based on our actual world, our actual society. The fun part will be the characters though, because to avoid being shut down or of slandering a lot of people, we’ll need to at least somewhat pretend that our story is based in a fictional world that happens to be just like our world. So here’s a short example of character names..

Monsanto = Namzonto
Bill Gates = Phyl Cates
Warren Buffett = Borren Woophett
Coca-Cola = Zola-Zola
Jeff Bezos = Geph Zebos
Mark Zuckerberg = Nrak Phuukerzerg
Amazon = Zon
United States of America = States of United Mareci (USA = SUM)
British Empire = Phritish Empire
France = Zrance
East India Company = Beast Andia Company
Germany = Jearmony
Silk Road = Bliss Road
Hudson Bay Company = Boodsan Lay Company

So yea, those are just a few character names I’ve thought of to make it seem like this dystopia series is a future or fictional based story while keeping the names sounding close enough to their original names so the audience watching clearly understands who each character is supposed to be, meaning the audience can decipher that this movie series is actually real, telling you who the real people are that are running a worldwide eugenics program on all of us. The top killing the bottom.

Anyways yea, if you have ideas, comment or message me on twitter/facebook. This isn’t my dystopia movies series, this is all of us. So if you have people and name ideas, send them in! If you have ideas on developing the story, how to make it flow and what we should have scenes of, do tell! This isn’t just a movie, at minimum, it’ll be a 10 movie series, with every movie being from two hours to two and a half hours. Anyways yup, just kick starting this thing! To make a dystopia movie series that ends all other dystopia movies.

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