People are Commodity bullet point notes(ADS Series by Heather Marsh – Idea credit)

– In every single part of the world, chattel slavery has been part of human history
– There’s been no era without slavery as a significant part of societal relations
– Throughout history and still today, these human products used as adopted family, labor, sex slaves, human sacrifice etc.
– Even when not traded, they were chattel in that they’re property of an owner, to dispose of as they wished
– Slavery increases where trade economy flourishes
– Trade empires of Middle East and Africa built in large part by labor of slaves and wealth brought by the slave trade
– Slavery technically illegal in all parts of world now, but human trafficking is greatly increasing
– Wars in Syria, CAR (Central African Republic), South Sudan and elsewhere bring international vultures of human trafficking and politicians ridding themselves of annoying populations at a profit
– Europe’s use of slaves dropped after fall of Western Roman Empire with increase in serfs and indentured servants and decrease in trade
– Europe was still frequently raided for slaves, particularly Slavs, Russians, Poles, Ukrainians, Moldovans, Circassians and Lithuanians enslaved by Central Asian khanates
– Vast majority of this trade destined for Ottoman Empire and Middle East
– Slaves made up 75% of population of Crimean khanate and 20% population of Constantinople (modern day Istanbul)
– European slaves were dwarfed by enslaved parts of Africa
– Like Africa and ME, eastern Europe never eradicated this trade
– Still primarily female slave exodus is ongoing today, still with complicity of some source and destination governments
– China and India have had and do have large slave populations
– S.E Asian slave populations were huge. ¼ to 1/3 enslaved between 17th and 20th century
– All regions have large populations in slave labor today still, as well as sex slavery and purchased brides, increasingly as female shortage in India and China become more acute
– Nepal and other areas are frequently raided by traffickers for the sex trade
– Displaced people like the Rohingya are pushed off into boats to die or fall victim to the human traffickers frequently associated with officials like those in the Thai navy
– China has indentured labor difficult to distinguish from slavery
– China has mass trials, execute prisoners and political dissidents and on demand for the organ trade in what can only be called a human farming industry
– Once overseas trade expansion began in 15th century, so did renewed trafficking in slaves by Europe
– Trans-Atlantic slave trade from Africa to America was massive industry
– Political dissidents and victims of attempted genocide in Ireland and other unwanted or poor throughout Europe were sent as indentured servants in conditions close to slavery
– With slavery “abolished” their numbers were replaced by more indentured servants from India and China
– As well as traditional slavery, U.S has continued to keep servants in a state of near indentured servitude through legal threats based on their visa status
– In era of abolition, slavery depicted in America as problem of racial equality
– That approach disregards the history of global slavery that took place before racism was invented and hasn’t been slowed down by attempts to eliminate racism
– International focus on labor slaves from Africa to European colonies has allowed all other slavery to operate with varying levels of impunity
– When slavery is so visible it can’t escape notice, it now gets called human trafficking
– While new term of human trafficking focuses on sale of people rather than the use of them, they’re both incomplete terms
– Only reason to swap terms is to pretend there was a point in history when slavery was abolished and thus it’s now a historical topic
– While no longer African cotton picking slaves, there’s unprecedented slave labor in U.S from the rest of America (North, Central & South) and more slaves from around the world in the U.S sex industry
– Despite more books on end of slavery rather than the continuation of it, slavery has increased in almost every part of the world
– Today and in history, huge populations of slaves purchased for consumption instead of production, slaves for sex and other services to the wealthy
– Slaves as product instead of means of production have been widely ignored in movements focused on workers
– Arab slave trade depicted as not related to labor because the service of women and children is unvalued
– Then as now, we accept female slavery as a domestic cultural norm
– If a boy is sold for labor, human rights groups call it slavery. But for a girl, it gets called marriage in cases which are slavery by all definitions
– Women and children’s bodies are now also a resource for the massive non-consensual porn industry, as product
– Defining domestic and product slavery would require discussion of roles of women and children in wider society
– Lack of autonomy for women and children in deeply patriarchal societies makes it more difficult to define the conditions which constitute slavery
– If adult male standards were used, all women and children may be considered slaves in some communities
– Universal Declaration of Human Rights modified in 1966 to allow slavery of the lowest class
– In private prisons of U.S, U.K and Australia, people in prisons are chattel, actually owned by the corporate prisons, labor and their bodies can be sold through corporate contracts
– With police and judiciary funneling people into these prisons for payment, it’s clear the prisons are the new cotton fields in the U.S and the judiciary & police are acting as slave traders
– Slavery, like genocide, is a problem that’s been with us in every region and every era
– Both now universally recognized as something we need to overcome, but we’re nowhere close to doing so
– Despite UN attempts at peacekeeping forces, we haven’t developed a way for larger society to protect one group of people who another are intent on massacring
– Neither do we have any way to stop a lucrative trade economy in any product, particularly when many of those profiting hold powerful positions. Thus, easier to pretend these things no longer happen
– Population growth forecast 9.6 to 12.3 billion by 2100. Growth will occur in nations which have suffered from trade pillaging, including the indigenous in the Americas
– In the wealthy states, as well as China, India and Brazil, epidemic of aging projected instead
– At same time, eight men have same wealth as bottom half in the world
– More than ever in history, there are far too many vulnerable people to meet the needs of the few who can buy them
– Also global gender imbalance due to gynocidal (genocide of women) actions of populations in China and India, the current biggest populations in the world
– Since China and India are wealthy, they can afford to spread their imbalance to other nations
– More than ever, women are a global commodity
– That population growth is stable or dropping in industrialized countries and rising in developing and poor populations is used to justify active and passive genocide by the people controlling the technology to wage war and stop disease
– Displaced people reached 65 million in 2016 and steadily climbing
– No longer need to conduct raids for slaves. Wars and famine driving large populations of desperate and untraceable people into the arms of slave traders
– With Australian sale of refugees to Cambodia, human trafficking has become openly a government activity again, as it always secretly has been
– U.S military and Canadian resource corporations for years disdained justice systems in favor of monetary payouts for the lives of people they murder
– Trade economy has so normalized valuation of people in monetary terms to point its customary to reply with dollar value when asked for persons wealth
– Underclass in earlier empires were valuable labor
– Modern times, vast majority are expendable product
– Replacing labor slavery with waged labor and automation has only expanded the uses people buy slaves for
– People are bought and sold as product for militias, prostitution, marriage, organ trafficking and even ritual killings. People are tortured for ransom and charged for their passage as refugees
– In a supranational empire, no need for wise rulers to create community
– Trade can make problem populations disappear and bring profit too
– Inconvenient populations were and still are packed on cargo ships and traded as slaves
– Bounties for neighbors helped fill Guantanamo as well as slave markets throughout history and today
– One primary source of income for stateless militias is still the ancient stanby, kidnap and ransom routine
– With growth of criminal industry, human trafficking far more versatile than it’s ever been
– Stateless militias traffic people to sell for every criminal use, like drug mules, weapons running, sexual bribes and as “suicide” bombers
– Both stateless and state militias (a military) use child soldiers
– Boko Haram fighting Civilian Joint Task Force youth vigilantes endorsed and supported by the Nigerian military was a war of children against children, which none of Nigeria’s allies objected to
– Trade economy creates market for whatever product it has to sell. Nobody needs to buy trafficked humans
– Demand is created by the seller who convinces the buyer
– Vast increase in pedosadism market, where children are raped, tortured or murdered for adult entertainment, is a horrifying example of created demand
– China is farming prisoners and dissidents and harvesting their organs on demand to market them to a wealthy population who have been convinced they deserve immortality
– Very large number of powerful officials in governments and international organizations have been implicated in pedosadism
– Obvious feedback loop between a criminal underground in charge of human trafficking and those in power who are either lured to participate or were selected for high office because of their blackmail potential
– Frequency that spy agencies are involved in these cases indicates they may be encouraging the election of politicians and others who they can easily control with blackmail
– Cases where organizations such as UN peacekeepers have been involved in pedosadism, in Bosnia, Somalia, CAR and more
– Obvious a criminal industry as large as human trafficking can’t exist without borders and bank accounts being accessible to the trade and that access is ensured by a blackmail and bribery loop fed by the industry itself
– States have multiple ways to profit from large populations now that large scale industrial labor isn’t needed anymore
– Used for weapons advertising, seen in huge increase in arms dealer profits at weapons trade shows being held over the slaughter of people in Syria, Gaza and elsewhere
– Used to fill prison corporations. Taxes pay corporations to imprison the citizens, prison sells labor of prisoners to other corporations at vast discount
– People made ill and their illness used to profit pharmaceutical and medical industry
– Food security destroyed, resulting famines used to profit NGO’s, a cycle well planned in advance
– Cartels in the Americas sell drugs to the poor in U.S in exchange for the guns flowing down the ‘Iron River’ from U.S to Central America
– Weapons manufacturers in U.S profit on lives of the poor in both C. America and the U.S, then convince governments they need even more guns to stop the violence
– Water everywhere polluted and stolen by Coca-Cola so people are forced to buy Coca-Cola
– Since IBM profited from cataloging people for Hitler’s concentration camps, tech industry has cataloged and spied on and murdered people for the powerful
– Intelligence and military agencies have conducted mass and individual experiments on foreign and local populations for decades and the findings often used to profit industry
– Food, environmental, worker and infrastructure safety reduced even more so when the ruling strata would rather the population was reduced
– As people become more expendable, the popular uses for them are ever more genocidal
– Drugs are as useful in immobilizing a large public and funding their tyrants as they were in the U.K and China opium wars
– Today, China likely to be the supplier, as they’re providing fentanyl to U.S or heroin to Burma’s Kachin people
– Three biggest criminal industries (human trafficking, weapons trafficking, drug trafficking) are all genocidal, a great help in removing populations standing in way of resource corporations or threatening the wealthy
– The weapons are for populations to destroy each other with greater ease and drugs to increase the violence and incapacitate effective resistance have been supplemented with the rapid growth of the human trafficking industry
– Trade economy and borders have made both genocide and slavery much more difficult to control
– Both slavery and human trafficking are now illegal in every state in the world, but the states don’t control the trade economy
– Human trafficking is now world’s largest criminal industry, ahead of weapons (#2) and drugs (#3)
– Like rest of supranational merchant class, this economy operates above state jurisdiction
– UN estimates there’s now at minimum about 30 million slaves worldwide, but it’s impossible to know the real number, which likely is far higher
– Traffickers often supplied by organizations working with the most vulnerable people, from NGO’s to military to child protection services
– They haunt places where people may have gone missing for any number of reasons such as natural disasters and refugee migrations
– We’ve always had sectarianism, difference now is we have hierarchy
– Those who treat rest of us as an outgroup they have no empathy for are at the very top strata of society and have control over every aspect of our lives
– We’ve always committed atrocities on people in our outgroups, difference now is we can profit from these atrocities
– Our actions can produce currency which will bring social approval, even if our actions don’t have social approval
– As long as we can buy social approval with currency we are no longer as susceptible to societal coercion
– As long as our societies are non-existent, shunning and inclusion have no effect on us

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