Witches and how they are silenced (ADS series by HM)

– Inquisition was centuries long movement to discredit and destroy caregivers of communities and land and put all knowledge and power in the hands of industry
– Wherever women or indigenous people had knowledge and influence, they were labeled witches, discredited and silenced
– Still happens today, but instead of fires, they’re kept in place by class
– Women in last millennium were vilified, sexually terrified, driven from science and knowledge based fields and left with no purpose after menopause
– Traditional careers for old women in Europe forcibly stolen, taken over and commodified
– Photo shopped history and centralized press entrenched dominance of wealthy western men and laws regarding official certification, patents and copyrights kept stolen community knowledge from community use
– Women and indigenous people who want to enter science must now enter a field controlled by western men and act to their rules. Must accept that white men are responsible for every innovation in history. Must attend university full of subjects whose history teaches women & indigenous they are inferior and evil alongside the heroic Great Men who reputedly solved all of world problems with one nobel prize after another
– Women now accepted as token Great Men if they come from approved demographic and are fully accepting of teachings of the other Great Men
– Feminism, the affiliation used as a club to push corporate strategy under the guise of helping women
– Unless a women sees great need to distribute their own point of view, they likely won’t as there’s no benefit, it won’t be heard, usually leads to ostracization
– Women have learned to fear mobs. Economic survival and social acceptance depends on acceptance by the Great Men
– Rarely if ever see their vision come to fruition in the way they wished and always see their ideas co-opted for glorification and empowerment of a Great Man
– Instant sexualization of any woman who speaks in public is used to prevent women from escaping the role they were assigned by capitalism
– Media and corporations attempt to ensure all women seen in public are below age 30 is continuation of demonization of women past childbearing age
– Women must do everything men do, with all the above obstacles, before 30, then be compared with men at the end of their careers
– Men are shown as billionaires, women are shown plastic surgery in the media
– Token women in Hollywood films, half the age and way more attractive than the men, are echoed in technology conferences and elsewhere in the world
– Booth babes and women as display serve no purpose other than as a warning to women
– While fat bold men are welcomed everywhere, women over 25 don’t exist and women don’t exist except as an attractive display of body parts in any case
– Women wrote first algorithm, first programming language, lead software development for Apollo moon landing
– Current demographics in tech is result of drastic increase in power associated with the field (women were once equal)
– IT has aggressively driven women from its clubs just as medicine did, the formerly most powerful profession
– Persecution of witches, whether women or lower classes, creates greater need for solidarity against a common enemy elite
– A cumulative rage against idea of survival of the fittest in a trade economy designed specifically to exclude them that causes hostility towards elitism
– Equality may evoke memories of the commons, the last time women were recognized as contributing members of society entitled to their share
– Societies where women were beaten and killed for attaining skill or knowledge have created a culture where pulling attention is taboo
– Impossible to deny hostility majority of women feel for women who excel too far beyond them or lag too far behind them
– Still the ancient divide between the “good” women who obey society’s strictures and the “bad” women who disobey. Women as much as men police this binary divide now
– Any group that produces great content will attract people who will attempt to use the content to become Great Men
– Control of the power created by the ideas won’t be wielded by the originator or in the manner they intended
– In medicine, women were allowed back much later as subservient nurses, providing care and forbidden to act without permission from a male doctor
– Typical of class structure created where white men are assigned with titles, authority, credit and media attention while others have been permitted action based paths
– A horizontal system of action based governance would remove the misplaced authority
– As it is, the labor is dissociated from the authority
– Part of reason for this dissociation is recognition and credit follow social approval which is overwhelmingly accorded to the top class of white men, by all classes
– Women promote husbands, sons, friends and sometimes strangers as matter of habit
– Women sometimes promote other family members as way to improve own situation
– Women use their energy and skills to promote others since they aren’t going anywhere themselves
– Will marry or give birth to people they want to deliver their message or attain their goals
– Women work tirelessly to elect man to position where he may enable social change they desire
– Women do all background work for male journalists, NGO’s or others in a position to achieve their goals while knowing the camera will be on the man and they’ll never be acknowledged
– Provide ideas and assistance to men in power because they have the skills and will never have the position themselves
– Women often promote men involuntarily by having credit for their work stolen
– Women who want recognition for their own work typically dismissed as hysterical, having great egos
– Both men and women tolerate idea some people are going to be at the top and those people will be men
– There’s always social justification for a white man who fails and hate for a man who voluntarily lowers his status by being a caregiver
– Men who seek to protect those outside their class instead of exploiting them are ridiculed as White Knights by the class protectors
– Men and women promote men as they may rise to the top of any Ponzi scheme and elevate their supporters. There is no personal gain in promoting a woman
– Even men that treat women equally generally expect far more ego-stoking and recognition in return for their magnanimity than they give
– Women who promote men typically receive nothing in return
– Many men work against the advancement of women, for they don’t want to lose their unreciprocated support which is propping up their own success
– Women very rarely promote the advancement of women past their class
– Women do promote and support each other but it is very much a reciprocal exchange
– Hollywood depicts boys and men in terms of unchanging social strata (hero stays a hero, nerd stays a nerd)
– Girls depicted in conflicts over their social stratas (unpopular girl transforms to pretty and popular, popular girl is humiliated and brought down)
– Successful men tell of positives in life, successful women tell of challenges. This isn’t humility, it is justifiable fear
– Women are equally vicious to those below them
– Class war occurs between stratas, not gender or race
– Women trapped in lower classes attack those who try to rise
– Men despise other men who try to lower themselves to the level of women
– In stratified society, stratas are real societies and those attempting to leave are shunning their society
– Effects of shunning felt more by women and indigenous cultures because of vulnerability to outside threats, a greater biological or cultural workload to share
– Shunning and lack of approval from vast majority of class peers and lack of class peers in higher stratas is enough to discourage women and other lower stratas from offending their class with any attempt at excellence or achievement
– Women with superior ability either accept inferior roles or learn other women are their mortal enemies
– Witches, whether women or other lower classes, usually never realize they are intelligent, as they’re more likely to be told they’re arrogant
– While potential Great Men will be hailed as leaders and class examples, witches will be destroyed by their peers as class traitors
– If witches excel, they must downplay, apologize, minimize and hide it
– Beautiful women must stress their stupidity, brilliant women must hide their sexuality
– All women must be shown as having sacrificed their family life or career, and sacrifice is explicitly describing an offering made to appease their class
– Women and other lower classes consistently criticized for not promoting themselves but the risks in doing so are too great
– Women at the top are the ones chosen to be there by men and not eliminated by women, a dual filter that excludes most witches: those with brilliance and originality and those capable of disturbing the class structure

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