Scariest thing to be for Halloween!

Be a trade economist for Halloween! Why is a person who believes in a trade economy the scariest thing you can be for Halloween? Well, the trade economy was created just over 5,000 years ago, and it has since conquered the entire world. It has killed hundreds of millions of people, if not billions. It has created the next great extinction period, with species going extinct rapidly. If the trade economy is not abolished this century, humans will go extinct too. The trade economy is responsible for every genocide in history, every civil war, both World Wars, colonialism, slavery. It created the nation-state, it created religion, it created patriarchy, it created borders. The trade economy created hierarchy. It’s created capitalism, socialism, communism, fascism and so forth. It created currency aka money. The trade economy has turned human beings, and life itself, into a product, a commodity. Everything is for sale. Everyone’s worth is their currency value. Your worth is determined by how much currency you have, in other words, how much you produce for the trade economy. Your worth is what you add to the GDP.

You are a product, not a human being. You have no autonomy. No person or life form has autonomy. Everything is controlled by the trade economy, which was created by, run by and for those who are sociopathic and have sexual sadism disorder. These are people who get aroused by the misery of others. Since everything is controlled by the trade economy, if you choose to opt out of it, you die, and you die quickly. You have no choice. You have to participate in the trade economy. You are a slave to it. Every person, every cat, every dog, every bunny, every shark, every polar bear, every tree, every river, every sand dune, every wetland is a slave. If the moon gets colonized, if Mars gets colonized, it will be enslaved. It already is, as the trade economy, which rules all life, only views these planets in terms of their potential GDP. Every meteor and comet is already enslaved, as they are only viewed in terms of the potential GDP worth in resources for the trade economy. All of life is enslaved to the trade economy. It is destroying all life for the sadistic pleasure of a small group of people.

As Heather Marsh has said, the trade economy has been and always will be a eugenics program. I once asked her, when I had less knowledge of the trade economy, if you had to start from scratch and build an empire that could control the world with as little effort as possible and basically be impossible to take down, how would you build that empire and what would it look like? She told me we already live under that empire, and it is the trade economy. If she had to start from scratch, she’d just create the trade economy. If we were to abolish the trade economy, then a million years from now, create it again, it would have the same result. So yea, if you want to be the scariest thing imaginable for Halloween, be a trade economist!

I’m going to go be depressed now before I have to return to pretending to be happy.

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