I Want To Go Scuba Diving With Sharks

Sharks don’t eat people. They bite people, because from below, we look like seals, their main course meal for dinner. Sometimes, when they bite people, the bite causes the person to lose too much blood, thus they die. Sometimes, when a shark takes a big bite, such as a Great White Shark, it dismembers the person, and thus the shark bite victim dies. It may look like the shark is trying to eat the person, but it is not. A shark will take one bite, sometimes a big bite, before letting the person go, however dismembered they may be if they are dismembered. Sharks don’t eat humans because we simply don’t taste good to them. Actually, we taste awful to them. If you’re scuba diving with sharks, and you’re standing upright in the water, they’ll notice you’re not a seal, and thus they won’t bite you, however close they may come. Shark attacks are therefore accidents, accidents caused by us humans.

The oceans belong to the sharks, not us. They own the oceans. When we go swimming, or surfing, we are in their territory. It’s not the sharks fault that us humans look like seals from down below, nor is it our fault. It’s just the way things are. We must not hunt or kill sharks, for if we do, the ecosystem of the oceans will collapse, resulting in our own extinction. We need to be aware of where sharks are, when and where they travel, where the seals are and where and when they travel. We need to have minimum standards for size of boats that can be in an area where there can expectedly be sharks. It’s not the sharks responsibility to avoid areas with swimmers and surfers, for it’s their oceans. It is our responsibility to be aware of the presence of sharks when in their world.

I hate it when people and/or the media portray sharks as monsters. They are not monsters. Shark attacks are simply accidents of our own doing. Sharks are amazing and beautiful creatures. They are quite often shy. It is one of my life goals to one day go scuba diving with sharks. I don’t mean to stand in a shark cage. I want to swim down into their world, to be free and vulnerable in their presence. To breathe slowly and deeply to calm my anxiety down, to calm my heartbeat, so the sharks may swim up to me. So the sharks may see me. So I may feel them as they swim by. So they can teach me to love the oceans as they love it. So they can teach me that life is more than the human experience. That there are societies beyond our human societies. That earth doesn’t belong to us humans. That I’m just one being. I want to scuba dive with sharks because I love sharks, because I love life. I will scuba dive with sharks. The sharks will not eat me.

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