Why we are ruled by rapists and killers (Death Eaters), part one

These are notes from one of Heather Marsh’s chapters on patriarchy, misogyny, sexual assault, rape and pedosadism in society called ‘How We Came To Be Ruled By Death Eaters’. This is part of her Releasing Chaos series. I don’t quite know how to break down a lot of what she’s written into shorter simpler to understand concepts, so that’s why I just lay most of it out so you can get everything. Most of it is word for word, which she’s okay with as long as I give her idea credit rights. In other words, I acknowledge these are her ideas. She doesn’t believe in Intellectual Property, nor copyright. So yea, these are Heather Marsh’s ideas. She’s my favorite author. Not feminist author, I mean, she is, but if you include men, she’s still my favorite author, so yea.

Death Eaters

– There are two primary methods of coercion to enforce societal norms
– Most visible is hard coercion, which uses militias, police, courts, prisons, institutional force of all kinds
– More powerful type of coercion is seductive coercion. Without it, hard coercion wouldn’t be tolerated
– There are two types of seductive coercion: 1. First is used to create society, involves social acceptance and approval as motivators. It produces love, loyalty, other forms of social bonding. 2. Second type creates hate, enmity and to reject another society, go to war against them or persecute in another way. Uses group affiliation, fear, dehumanizing propaganda and dissociation
– Hate, love and lesser emotions around them are measures of social approval
– In the past, all societies used an approval economy to measure acceptance or shunning of each other
– Acceptance = emotional boost, inclusion into social circle allowing access to essentials of life like shared food, shelter and procreation
– Shunning often a death sentence or at least condemnation to difficult, stressful, shortened life. At best, starting all over again by trying to gain acceptance into a new society


– To create today’s dissociated Ponzi schemes of power governing society, human relationships had to be replaced with the trade economy
– Trade economy replaced societal approval with approval based on person’s ability to be of service to the powerful
– Trade economy interrupted nearly all social relationships and replaced them with industry
– Social approval replaced with currency to point where a person’s worth is now given as a currency value
– Currency = powerful seductive tool because it allows acceptance into the most privileged spots of all societies with no effort required to gain social approval or accept the norms and values of the society
– Where women and children had autonomy, patriarchy had to be instilled at the family level as the essential building block to patriarchal governance
– As trade economy created waged labor only for those serving the wealthy and left community and family service unpaid, women were placed at a huge disadvantage under the trade economy and made to solely rely on a father or husband for the currency which became social approval
– Marriage partnership became dissociated, turned into a master-slave or employer-employee relationship instead of one built on mutual social approval
– Matriarchal societies were destroyed as approval or ability to shun which had been the power of women was now worthless and whoever possessed currency needed nobody’s approval for social acceptance
– Industrialization of jobs = work no longer a shared and bonding community experience
– Commodification of goods and services has taken sharing and giving out of communities
– State run defense militias (militaries) claims to remove the need for community solidarity and loyalty
– NGO’s commodified human empathy, state education commodified respect for community history and tribal knowledge, official government and process dissociated community from governing councils
– All these dissociated structures have removed community bonding experiences
– Cultures which don’t greet by kissing and hugging aren’t producing the hormones needed to create love and empathy for each other
– In dissociated western world where partners and parents spend little time with each other, much less their community, kids are raised in physical bubbles, making it hard to imagine oxytocin and other hormone levels being socially optimal for bonding
– Every transaction of approval, even between parent and child, sometimes replaced with exchange of currency, instead of a smile, hug, etc.
– Social shyness and waiting for approval to be gifted has been replaced by taking approval as a right, demanded by all who possess currency
– Shyness is discouraged by the trade economy, which rewards aggression and demands
– Cultures with common physical contact like holding hands, which share community jobs and local jokes, stories and are heavy sharing and gifting cultures, have far more bonding opportunities

Sex, social & anti-social

– There is a gender divide in coercion. Hard coercion = Men because of their physical strength. Seductive coercion = Women because hard coercion not usually an option, plus they were primarily responsible for the care of society during its formative years
– Roughly seven times more male sociopaths than female. Historically easier for male sociopaths to climb to positions of power
– Even greater predominance of men with sexual sadism disorder which is manifesting in the torture and death cults around the world
– Societies ruled by seductive coercion used talking, councils and shunning
– Patriarchy rules by hard coercion: Police, law and prisons
– Patriarchal power structure had to take control of seductive coercion, by demonizing and infantilizing women and by perverting seductive coercion for their own uses
– Seductive coercion has increasingly become a powerful tool of the sociopathic oligarchy
– One of most important tools in social and anti-social seductive coercion is sex
– Sex has been used to bond couples for communal support in child rearing, but it also has been used as a weapon of war throughout history
– There are two types of sex. One is bonding and social, the other is extremely anti-social
– Oxytocin produced by physical closeness such as breastfeeding, every day physical contact, massage, tantric sex, non-orgasmic sex, cuddling, relaxation, mental closeness, social acceptance, approval and emotional support
– Oxytocin, while bonding allies, also increases hatred and lack of empathy for those perceived to be outside the social group
– Rape has gone from a byproduct of war to a deliberate strategy of war
– Rape is used as a tool to condition men to dehumanize, torture and kill their enemy
– Dopamine, a powerful hormone associated with addictive substances like cocaine, mental illness like schizophrenia, release of reward hormone on learning or experiencing novel stimuli. Novel sex experience causes surge in dopamine, but experience must keep changing which leads to search for more extreme stimuli. After orgasm, dopamine levels plummet, leading to addictive endless search for ever increasing levels of dopamine. This is what makes porn addictive. Requires ever increasing stimulation to reach same dopamine levels and produces no bonding hormones.
– While sexual sadism disorder likely has been around forever, child abuse and snuff film industries were exclusively created, not born.
– State and corporate control of women’s sexuality was necessary because it was a powerful coercive tool
– Misogyny centers around hatred of coercion, particularly but poorly understood female coercion
– From first ruling of Catholic Church that sex should be for procreation only, sex has been changed from the type that releases bonding hormones to a type that more closely resembles anti-social rape
– Non-orgasmic sex used for birth control and enjoyment was decreed as sinful by the church and male orgasm became the only point of sex
– Sexual contact outside of the male orgasm was frequently eliminated completely, which hypothetically would greatly reduce the amount of bonding hormones produced between a couple
– At the same time, breastfeeding was strongly discouraged, hospitals and other institutions removed infants and children from parental care, reducing familial bonding levels still further
– Heavy dopamine producing sex, from brief encounters with sex workers, rape, porn and other forms of ‘hate-sex’ continued and increased as the bonding community and family life was removed
– Corporate advertising removed sex a lot farther from a form of approval to a product of the trade economy
– Militarily produced games and movies conflated sex with every form of war and violence as did the news media and the military itself
– UK media calls torture, murder and dismemberment of children “child sex” and “pedophilia”
– Dissociated populations which no longer produced hormones at community bonding levels were taught to crave dopamine with increasingly violent and risk taking behavior, drugs, and consumerism
– Same gratification conditioning is fed by addictions of all kinds, including harmful food.
– U.S military is developing an ‘anti-suicide’ hormonal nasal spray which is suppressing guilt by suppressing empathy in militia members who have seen or committed atrocities
– Seductive coercion and behavior conditioning present in every aspect of life worldwide
– This isn’t new, what’s new is seductive coercion is now controlled by an all pervasive, sociopathic oligarchy who keep both their methods and goals as state and corporate secrets and remove all choice from the society


– Freedom espoused in French and U.S revolutions was very anti-social freedom
– What began as a rejection of the patriarchy and the state continued as a rejection of society and promotion of extreme freedom for those best suited to a trade economy (the trade economy was already in place, read Heather’s Autonomy Diversity Society series, it explains how we got from the first age of nations to the third age of nations that we’re currently in)
– Pursuit of happiness = right of any who could command it through strength to survive in an economy completely rigged in favor of the small fraternity steering both revolutions
– Fraternity is decentralized patriarchy without responsibility inherent in role
– Social approval is not needed for anything as fraternity used currency as their dissociated approval to command all of society’s benefits
– Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness were always intended for the fraternity only
– Without any other understanding of the nature of motivations of our current sociopathic oligarchy, it’s not unreasonable to expect they get gratification from the torture, murder and destruction of their day jobs
– With revelations of the current “child sex” inquiry into the UK establishment death cult, it seems they do (there are former and current MP’s and PM’s that are involved, for those who haven’t heard much about it)
– Those with sexual sadism disorder don’t have to indulge in behavior that normative people call sex, or be directly involved in an act, so it’s very likely that ordering wars and mass executions works just as well for their arousal as individual torture
– For those with lesser power, ordering snuff film will also work
– It’s impossible to look at war horrors combined with media sexual imagery and not see the mirror image of the child torture and death cult and media sexualization of it
– The trade economy decreed that all was for sale and everyone has a right to anything they can purchase, with no social obligations
– Requirement of approval society is presented as a horror, social obligation is depicted as robbery
– Societies are encouraged to embrace dissociated behavior as “diversity” and “freedom” to look for unconditional acceptance instead of understanding
– Suggestion of understanding or coercing individual behavior triggers the memory of CIA brain washing, Clockwork Orange, or Thought Reform and produces revulsion in the same populations that accept the extremely coercive and behavior modifying death penalty
– Talk of open, societal, behavior coercion is greeted with the same horror that once followed the suggestion of heart or brain surgery
– The same agencies responsible for earlier state horrors of behavior modification experiments have progressed to the point where nobody even acknowledges their coercive social engineering
– Free will is a myth, but a deeply cherished one
– Idea that free will is real and social auto-coercion is an attack on freedom has allowed seductive coercion to be completely controlled by an invisible corporate oligarchy which modifies everyone’s behavior through games, drugs, media, dissociative structures, anti-social laws, propaganda and more
– Social approval has been replaced by currency
– Control of social coercion has been taken by an invisible oligarchy of intelligence and corporate propagandists
– Control of mental health has been usurped by those feeding drugs, food and environmental conditions that cause mental disorders
– In the past, practice of shunning sometimes got abused, there’s always people considered lesser or not accepted into certain societies for reasons most would deem unfair
– Any form of coercion that can be influenced by popularity or power is corruptible
– Today, people who don’t feel welcomed or appreciated by one society should have freedom of movement to join another society
– Societies which unfairly persecute one of their members are susceptible to being shunned themselves
– BDS and BlockTheBoat campaigns allow nations (independently of states) to shun Israel for their genocidal and apartheid policies
– Today we have the ability to provide an instant global appeal court for any individual who feels their rights are being violated by their society
– It’s impossible to deny that those in power globally are both sadists and sociopaths
– It’s not difficult to manage the world peacefully, with enough resources, autonomy for all and aid in times of disaster
– It’s not necessary to continue to destroy the environments we live in
– The three horrific and genocidal big criminal industries are human trafficking, drug trafficking and weapons trafficking. They’re all enabled and run by those in power
– It’s not enough to simply replace the sociopaths in power. The system which created them rewards and creates both sadism and sociopathy. (This is why having more women CEO’s, or women political leaders, hasn’t nor will fix our society. The few women who rise to positions of power, do so because they too are sadists and sociopaths, both created and rewarded for it)
– Nothing less than a completely new system with new social motivators and norms will remove sadism and sociopaths from the seats of power

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