People are Means of Destruction

– For society to exist, must be creators and protectors working for it
– All adults were needed in both roles, providing shelter and food and creating the physical assets of a home such as tools, clothing, blankets and art and building the structure of the society
– Women gave birth and did majority of early child care
– Men assumed protector roles, defending the tribe and assets in conflicts and representing the tribe in outside negotiations with possibly unfriendly neighbors
– Men were admired for strength, bravery and generosity
– Power of social approval so strong that most people, especially men, would face certain death for a favorable place in their tribe’s history
– As societies grew, many turned into patriarchal clans
– Protective role of men became role of disciplinarian parent
– Father-ruler the embodiment of law and order. Made all clan decisions, to be obeyed without question
– Punishments for disobeying, resolved conflict with more punishments
– Love and gratitude tribes felt for their warriors became awe and fear for these patriarchs
– Structured class difference created with patriarchs above the clan and men above own families
– People became isolated from each other by power and fear
– Men felt love once earned replaced by respect at best, fear at worst
– Communal sharing of responsibility replaced by complete authority where patriarchs expected to have all answers for everything that occurred in their domain
– Subjection of women infantilized women, made parents of men, placed formerly shared responsibility on shoulders of only men
– Shame men once felt for personal failure now shame for failure of anyone in their clan
– With greater responsibility came greater tyranny and deeper class divide between men and their source of approval
– Patriarchy is oppression, of women and men, by a class structure that infantilizes those at the bottom and burdens those at the top
– Responsibility and isolation of men in patriarchal society often empty and unrewarding
– Libertarian men fought for independence from responsibility to society, insist principle of equality means all equally able to care for themselves
– Most industrialized communities are fraternal
– Fraternity denies responsibility to society and in return receives no approval from society
– Approval from others is life force for humanity, our single greatest motivator
– Life without approval is an empty shell
– While trade economy was teaching women that they’re parasites and lucky to be enslaved, it was teaching men they could only buy acceptance, love, and society
– As society became more dissociated, generosity to entire villages replaced by a man building personal wealth of his own immediate family
– Work went from service to your village in exchange for approval to being in service to corporate industrialists or militias in exchange for currency
– Great men who protected and served the village became industrialists who exploited and attacked the other villagers
– Social motivation still the same today, men still crave the social approval of their societies but approval which had been gratitude of service became approval of wealth
– Currency became dissociated form of approval you can keep in the bank and spend at will
– These men still crave what their forebears did: celebrity, political leadership, high social ranking, a place in history, and most importantly, approval
– It’s not the men who’ve changed, but the social structure they’re acting in
– Instead of service to society, these men service to industry in direct opposition to best interests of their society
– Role of a great man has been perverted to mean its opposite
– Those once celebrated as being society’s great protectors and creators now given a monetary simulation of approval for being society’s great destroyers
– Labor that once brought them approval from all members of their society and attention from their love interests now brings them media celebrity and flattery from hurricane of vampires and sycophants orbiting the Ponzi schemes of wealth and celebrity
– Men who gain wealth to marry a beautiful young woman only to complain she married them for their wealth know what they are missing but don’t know how to attain it
– Dissociation of modern families means a man doesn’t include extended family or village in society he seeks to benefit, he also often doesn’t include his wife or sometimes his children
– Many billionaires still crave approval and spot in history as great men but work all their lives with one goal, to amass as much wealth as possible
– They’re confused as to what they are craving and where to find it
– Possible that too little too late philanthropist billionaires are a glimmer of recognition in these men
– Patronizing, ineffective and frequently outright sociopathic projects they undertake in name of philanthropy shows either a complete lack of understanding of society and social needs or reinforces fact they are irreclaimably sociopathic and still associate control and power with approval
– Even where their projects may be of some benefit to society, when presented on top of their years of internationally destructive activity, it’s little more than insufficient war reparations
– This is role men been forced into since beginning of trade economy
– Men shunned out of their families and into industry or military and are not welcomed back into their families without currency
– Men often just give up their entire family life and just send back the currency while living far from home
– Social approval received for being a good mother now given to men if they were a good provider
– After trade economy took control of all social relationships, a good provider was one who spent the least time with his family or village and was most successful in exploiting his society
– Industry pretended industrialists provided jobs and money, neither of which are needed by any community, and successfully perverted the word providers to be applied to the community destroyers
– Social acceptance was granted to those who previously would’ve been attacked
– Because men were more successful as wage earners and because they migrate with greater ease than women and have less social obligations keeping them at home, women became the backbone of resistance to industrialists or military repression
– From environmentalists to mothers of the disappeared, women have been filling the streets of peasant revolt for millennia
– From industrialists to militias, men have made up overwhelming majority of those women are fighting
– Society with the weak and caregivers at the center and able adults, mostly men, as a protective shell, has changed to a society at war with itself
– Children once taught to be in service to all parents and elders and smaller children to gain approval of their society are now taught to only be in service to themselves and to exploit all others
– Communities which once shared skills and knowledge with each other have now commodified teaching and restricted it to their own children or those who can pay
– Class war was created within families
– Caregivers now serve children and those in the trade economy, while those in the trade economy purchase caregivers and children, and children are created as product to serve corporations
– This most basic social network of dependencies has been turned into a siphon for benefit of corporations
– Group narcissism that throughout history allowed societies to ruthlessly exploit each other has become individual narcissism on a massive scale
– In dissociated country like the U.S, people are taught that potential loss of one American life is worth the unlimited destruction of the rest of the world
– Extreme group narcissism sets scale for extreme individual narcissism
– Individual narcissism + sectarianism of U.S looks like every person is a society at war with every other
– Specific approval from women and children no longer forthcoming as both are much harder to purchase than in the past, due to their own independence and own growing narcissism
– Men’s reliance on market deception reflects their view of female approval as a commodity they ought to be able to purchase
– Men form own communities providing them with the approval they crave and rage towards women is invariable reaction to women’s withdrawal of approval
– Men’s narcissistic pain of rejection comes from withholding themselves from women
– Amount of approval demanded by individual members of industrialized societies is unlimited and unsustainable
– Monetization of this approval still requires a social aspect
– As it takes more and more money to buy the envy and obsequiousness of others, the ruthlessness in obtaining wealth and the dissatisfaction it brings will continue
– Solutions to narcissistic emptiness won’t be found in gender parity in a trade economy
– Answer is not that women should benefit from trade, it’s that men should not
– All money in a trade economy comes from the powerful, we need to build a society that benefits the powerless
– If service to society becomes measure of worth, women will have parity overnight and all people will receive direct approval for their contributions
– Reject economy based on trade to the powerful and neither men nor women will have to or be able to buy their acceptance into their own families or the approval of their communities
– Social acceptance once received for being of service to our communities now received for competing with and destroying them
– This isn’t the social approval we crave as humans. It is envy and fear and it leaves us empty

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