People Are Means of Production (Notes from Heather Marsh’s ADS series)

– Patriarchal control of women’s bodies explained as issue of property ownership
– Not just women, but their offspring too are considered assets and thus source of power
– Attempt by women to limit reproduction seen as threat to potential wealth of family and society
– Today, easier ways to control people than by reproducing them
– Waged labor and institutional work slavery like prison labor, university interns, forced volunteer work for those on social assistance gives ability to demand labor from others with no social relation to the masters
– Very little of world population now employed in direct service to the very rich
– Most looking for a share of the resources, posing a threat to the lifestyles of the very rich
– Mass communication and organizing enable huge crowds in the streets pointing out their superior numbers
– Automation and overpopulation means industry doesn’t need the current population growth, so motherhood and children have been experiencing a sharp devaluation in society
– Industry has gone from punishing contraception and abortion by death to forcibly sterilizing women
– Women are caught in a war between those dictating they have children and those dictating they must not have children
– China forces abortions while Ireland refuses them
– Choice is lost, children are economic pawns instead of part of society
– At neither side is the support of motherhood or childhood considered, only the power to reproduce or not
– Women’s reproduction regulated by limiting access to birth control/forbidding its use and making it impossible to survive without a family structure that includes heterosexual sex, but this serves to increase reproduction
– To decrease population is to make it disastrous to reproduce. Make it impossible to protect yourself while pregnant, or to protect children once they are born
– Today, children are killed by states constantly and publicly, dismissed as just “collateral damage”
– U.S depicted Iraqi children as bomb carrying subhumans created by their parents for purpose of death. “Iraqi children are not like ours”
– Minority persecution spread easily to a societal truth
– Israeli soldiers taught to kill anything that moves
– U.S military guidelines consider children of any age legitimate targets
– U.S police depict “non-traditional threats” as including pregnant women and children
– Officer once used images of his own children for targeting practice so he “wouldn’t be caught off guard on duty”
– If not his own children, what society is it his duty to defend?
– People are paid to kill people. People are not paid to give birth
– Message is clear, it is more socially acceptable to kill people than it is to give birth to people
– Genocides being fueled the world over on premise of the population is growing too quickly, women are particularly under attack as the source of population growth
– Increasing amount of slave labor in the labor force is a deterrent to life and caregivers
– Most workers required for knowledge industries, caregivers directed by the state to train their children to far higher level, with still no compensation for their labor
– Giving birth no longer entitles parents to assistance from those they raise, as those obligations theoretically taken care of by systems of dissociation like retirement funds and insurance
– Work, risk and financial burden of producing the work force all on the parents, benefit is all for the corporations
– While capitalists are entitled to a return on investment, women who produced entire work force have received none
– Society has been commodified
– Economic freedom is available but unequal for women, but not for children and dependents left unaccounted for by the economic systems imposed on society
– Trade economy is structured to make lifegiving and caregiving costly choices
– Mothers depicted as parasites on society, are a despised class
– Single mom is a derogatory term because of possible dependency on social support
– In the west, women supposedly have lifestyle choices but only if they have few or no children and a career or wealthy partner
– Single moms on welfare treated as most contemptible creature within the law
– Trade economy doesn’t recognize that all men and women parasited off their mothers in a very physical reality in order to exist
– Underlying patriarchal society and trade economy is the idea lifegivers should be grateful to the society for letting them and their offspring live. This is a complete reversal of biological fact
– Dependency is a natural part of the human experience
– Mothers are not creating dependency, they are relieving society of vast majority of responsibility for it
– Society wouldn’t exist without infants
– Propaganda depicting moms as parasites comes from the true economic parasites, deflecting blame onto their victims
– To say people don’t ask to be born is to diminish the mothers contribution, or to condemn it so as to deny any reciprocal obligation from society
– The humiliation of living in a society that views them as parasites leaves women vulnerable to more capitalist scams to force more free labor from them
– Most women with dependents (children) pride themselves in their ability to survive in the system while obeying the ridiculous rules, and condemn other women who refuse. They have accepted the trade economy’s zero valuation of their labor
– No human achievement possible without the lifegivers and caregivers
– Mothers receive instant blame for failures of their adult offspring
– Victim blaming a phenomenon that occurs in all violence directed at a lower class
– Only in violence against women can the victim be held to blame for the character of the killers
– As soon as a woman is found to blame, search for root causes stops
– Teachers are punished for student failure and disrespected like mothers are, especially if the teacher is a woman and the students are younger
– Lifegiving and caregiving carry only the risk of loss of societal approval and no possibility to gain approval, at least for women
– Any credit for caregiving far more likely to be assigned to the father, no recognition of greater influence of mothers
– Gillian Triggs, President of Australian Human Rights Commission, depicted as daughter of a tank commander, even though her qualification for the position came from her five decades of legal achievement and not her dad’s experience driving a tank
– Obama’s absent father got an autobiography while his mother is reduced to “a white woman from Kansas”
– Mothers are derided as coercion to stop women from reproducing
– Giving birth triggers a demotion in status to a level of no sexual attractiveness, intelligence or interest to society except as a consumer of household products
– Mothers have their children threatened if they disobey power
– Any reminder of physical attributes comes with perception of lesser intelligence
– In tech fields hailed as our future, mom is a euphemism for imbecile, some self-proclaimed feminists still sneer at other women as breeders
– Respect and perception of intelligence decreases for women with the number of children born
– For men, more children still adds to perception of leadership
– Mothers subject both to suspicion they are dependent on society and that they are not doing all the caregiving work expected of them
– People seem terrified that any money or support for lifegiving would encourage people to give birth for the “wrong reasons”
– This reasoning isn’t applied to journalism, politics, medicine, killing people or even dissociated caregiving by teachers, social workers or foster parents
– Old patriarchal idea that women are property has combined with idea that lifegiving and caregiving are anti-social acts
– States support rights applied by gender instead of role
– Societies profess to support women’s rights while still treating lifegivers as slaves to society and regulate their behavior as such
– Aggressive master morality appropriate for workers in trade economy is replaced by slave morality of anyone in lifegiving, caregiving or in service to society
– Humility, no reward, unrequited respect and devotion to those they serve are demanded with the roles
– Society has never been shy about what kind of person a woman should be once they are a mother, but these pressures aren’t shared by rest of society
– While mother expected to be impossible paragon, society feels no obligation to provide safe, welcoming, educational, nurturing environment
– A mother who doesn’t love her child is an abomination, whereas a society which doesn’t love its children is considered natural and justified
– Child free environments are considered normative, encouraged by segregated public spaces. Public spaces regularly ban children and infants
– No one can demand a life free of those employed by the military or refuse admittance of the elderly, but they can of children
– Children and their caregivers are lowest social class above criminals, have been outcast not just from trade economy but also the rest of society
– If a caregiver fails to care for a child, child is not entitled to just go to a neighbor or family member and expect care
– Dissociated government institutions will punish caregivers for neglect and provide food and lodging for children, but there’s no society that the child has a right to expect love and caregiving from
– If society refuses to nurture and accept its young, no surprise if youth grow up to disrespect and attack the society
– From early childhood, they’re made aware their ingroup is only their family or even only themselves
– In dissociated society, group narcissism associated with nationalism becomes individual narcissism
– Caregivers now have to raise contributing members of society while competing with far stronger coercion from media, video games, addiction, mental health issues and a surrounding sociopathic community
– Middle aged single moms or elderly grandmothers are not strong enough to stand up to fully grown adolescents, yet are held solely responsible for behavior of their teenage sons and daughters
– Because lifegiving and caregiving has no value attached, old inherent debt of honor to lifegivers, caregivers and community elders has been erased
– Children are given allowances instead of chores
– Mothers judged by capacity to give, love and respect but children and surrounding community are not
– Society has ensured that job of caregiving is impossible
– Caregivers are in service compelled by society, biology and humanity to love and care for, so going on strike not an option
– When help is offered, it serves to diminish societal support role in caregiving and increase corporate and state roles
– World is overpopulated with population still increasing
– Answer is to increase education, availability of safe birth control, alternative lifestyles for women and incorporate children into the societies they are a part of
– Answer is NOT to vilify caregivers and lifegivers and those who assume those roles
– When children are taught to disrespect caregivers for their acceptance of a slave role, they’re taught to despise caregiving and anyone who acts outside the trade economy
– Approval economy and dependencies built into our societies from our earliest history are being shown as most contemptible and difficult path from earliest childhood
– Caregivers and children are the last unit of societal structure to be dismantled, it’s the most physically and socially difficult to separate
– War against this relationship and its isolation from rest of society is a war against society
– In our capitalist society, corporations are people and people are means of production
– Rapidly escalating international industry of human trafficking is picture of a society that’s reduced people to dissociated bodies
– Men and women, old and young, able and infirm, have been ripped apart forcibly in an attempt to destroy and commodify society and halt the creation of a horizontal network of inter-dependencies
– Caregivers are overwhelmed and unrecognized
– Grandparents are receiving back the unemployed, addicted, wounded and the sick so society doesn’t have to deal with revolution
– Caregivers are absorbing all the anger caused by trade economy injustices from their position at second to bottom tier of society
– State education takes responsibility for indoctrination of selected history and worldview and preparation for the work force, often a compulsory education parents go to jail for resisting
– Propaganda says parents who taught their children nutrition, health, hygiene, speech and safety plus much more are not capable of teaching reading
– Capitalism insists children have the right to indoctrination paid by the state, but not a right to food and shelter
– To appoint only mothers and caregivers as fully responsible for producing and caring for the entire society and not recognize or support that work is institutionalized slavery
– State propaganda not a societal right. Food, safety, shelter and all benefits of the society are
– If a child is to love their society, they must be welcomed by it
– If society is to benefit from caregivers, their labor must be recognized and included in the economic structure

“The root of society, the first dependence, is created when a woman gives birth to a child. The nature of society depends on how it is built out from that core, whether all share in responsibility for the first and all other dependencies or whether the strongest are pulled away to isolate caregivers and commodify dependency” – Heather Marsh

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