People’s Airline Update #2

Hi Roqayah!

I’ve put together the seating policy, ticket booking policy, and our airline miles system! A quick note though, with the seating policy, I’m not sure it’s the best. I tried to think of, what would be a feminist way of seating people on a plane, but I’m a guy, so I don’t have the best judgement on that. If you want to send this to San and Arnessa and other feminists you know and let them make it better, feel free!

For seating, I basically thought, in the worst case scenario where one of our planes crash, who do we want to have the best chance of surviving? If we’re being completely honest, even our airline, with as great well paid pilots and maintenance staff, we won’t be invincible from having crashes. In an airplane crash, sitting in the back gives you a higher chance of survival. Doesn’t mean you’d survive and people in the front will die, but it means you have a better chance. So here goes..

In my opinion, younglings are the most important part of society, they are our most vulnerable, so children and their parents will sit in the very back. In the event of a crash, the people we most certainly don’t want to be victims are the younglings, and they obviously get to sit with their parents, so we put them in the very back. If a plane with 300 people on board, with 15 younglings, crashes and only 15 people survive, at least in my opinion, I’d want all 15 survivors to be the 15 younglings. If 45 people survive, I’d want it to be the 15 younglings and their parents.

In the rows just ahead of the youngling rows, I’d have the next youngest group of people, the teenagers and their parents. Just ahead of them would be the young adult rows. I think of young adults as adults under 35 years of age. The young adult couples (straight & LGBTQ) and young adult women, whether traveling in a group of friends or alone, sit in the back of the young adult rows, while the young adult men sit in the front young adult rows. This way, in the event of a crash, the life creators have a slightly higher chance of survival.

Older adults and couples go in front of the young adult men. Older adults are simply 35 and above in my view. The elderly would be seated in the very front of economy class. Doesn’t mean I don’t value them! Plane crashes are very rare, and most crashes don’t kill many if any people at all. Plus, being in the front of economy class means the elderly get to sit in a quiet area, as they’re right behind business class.

The People’s Airline would have seat assignment people, who, 48 hours before a flight, look at the passenger list for a flight, and then put together the seating chart. All reservations of two or more people get seated together, according to the priorities listed above. When booking your ticket, I don’t know if this is going too far, but you’d put in your height and weight, so that when planning each row, the tallest and/or heaviest people get to have the aisle seat, for no extra cost though! Just me trying to make sure tall and heavy people get to have the slightly extra space they need to have a comfortable flying experience. In the back, younglings and teens get the window seat as much as possible. Also, young adults, women and men, traveling alone, get to have the window seat.

Ticket Policy

Unlike today’s airlines, which have a 24 or 48 hour cancelation policy, the People’s Airline would allow you to cancel your ticket at any time for no cost up until 72 hours pre-flight. Tickets bought within 72 hours of the flight can’t be canceled. Ticket buying closes for 24 hours from 48 hours pre-flight to 24 hours pre-flight, so the seat assignment people have a set list of passengers they can put together a seating chart for. 24 hours pre-flight, tickets open up again, if any are still unsold, and the late buyers end up in whatever seats are still open, regardless of what section they’d normally be put in.

Airline Miles & Seat Upgrades

So, we’re not actually going to have Frequent Flyer Miles, not in the traditional sense of it at least. We’re going to have a kind of, loyalty program, if you will, that actually is available to everyone. For those who fly frequently, from the start of the year, depending on the calendar in your country, every 12 round trips in a one year time frame gets you a free trip in the next class. If you live in the Western World, a year is January to December, but if you live in China, it’s 12 trips in a Chinese year, and likewise for those living in other countries with different calendar years. The People’s Airline is truly tailored to be of the people, regardless of who or where. So if you take 12 trips in a year in economy class, you get one free trip in business class. Same with business class, you take 12 trips in a year, you get a free trip in first class. It applies to everyone. That way, you don’t get privileged assholes buying a thousand credit cards to get air miles. If you fly a lot on the People’s Airline, you’re going to get rewarded. Also, for economy class passengers, if you fly at least 24 times in a year, you can either get two free trips in business class, or trade those two free flights for one free flight in First Class. Obviously, not many people fly that much, that’s at least twice a month on average, but for those who do, you get rewarded for loyalty. For those rich enough to fly First Class, once you’ve flown in First Class 100 times in your life, you get to paint a plane.

In terms of seat upgrades, if a flight has available business class seats and there’s a pregnant woman on board, she automatically gets bumped up to business class where she gets a seat that turns into a bed, thus she can lay down. Also, if available, any couples, straight or LGBTQ going on or returning from their honeymoon, automatically gets bumped up to business class or First Class, depending on which one is available.
So yup, that’s what I’ve come up with for seating! Making sure everyone travels in comfort, frequent flyers get rewarded, and the younglings and life creators have the most likely chance of survival in the event of the rare plane crash.

So what do you think?! If you or San or Arnessa or others have ways to make the seating arrangements better in a feminist way, do let me know so I can make changes. It’s the People’s Airline.

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