United Airlines, Delta Airlines & The future of flying

Flying today for the average person, in economy/coach class, is not pleasant at all. Airlines overbook, drag passengers off planes. Fights break out on flights in economy class because nobody is in a good mood when flying these days. Long security lines at airports, and the resentment, justified resentment I may add, at the luxury which first and business class passengers fly in, with their endless money made off of our backs. Legroom continues to shrink, as does the width of seats. The food isn’t as good, some flights don’t even offer food anymore. All in all, flying today is very unpleasant for those of us not able to fly in first and business class.

I’m going to address in another article why flying has gotten so bad, but I just wanted to say, I’m working on a project to fix air travel by creating the People’s Airline. I’ve always thought, if I had the power, I’d just nationalize and regulate all the airlines, but a journalist by the name of Roqayah Chamseddine came up with the idea of a People’s Airline. Some of the outlets she writes for don’t pay her consistently, so she’s always having to find new outlets to write for, simply so she can by and pay rent, thus she doesn’t have the time to truly hash out what the People’s Airline would look like, so I messaged her saying I’ll make it my project, because I love flying, I love airports and airplanes and all that. She told me to go for it, and she’ll help me set up my own legit website when I’m ready to publish. So yea, I’m putting together The People’s Airline.

Putting together the People’s Airline, it’s been hard work and I’m truly spending hours a day working on it. I’m figuring everything out, from the price of the tickets, to what airplanes I’ll fly, to what the seat layout will be, how much legroom economy class will have, what the width of the seats and aisle will be. What the food services will be. How much the pilots, flight attendants and ground crew will be paid. What the airport services for the airline will be, check-in, baggage policy. Where the airline will fly, where and how many direct flights can I do versus where and how I’ll have to use the hub and spoke model. What the airline miles system will look like for the airline, if it will need one at all. What kinds of ticket packages it will have. What the ticket cancellation policy will be. The maximum number of hours a week I’ll let each crew work. I’m putting together the whole airline, everything that goes into an airline. I’ve already been working on it for two weeks, and it will likely take me at least another month, or two, to put it all together. I just wanted to let everyone know, Mr. I Want To Save The World Adam Kendall, is here to make flying pleasant for everyone, not just the death eating rich.

For a quick update of where I’m at so far with the People’s Airline, I’ve figured out the ticket prices, the airplanes I’ll have in the fleet, the seat layouts, and the legroom/width of the seats. It’s already pretty awesome. Once we get the People’s Airline going, it’ll beat out literally every airline in the whole freaking world, just from competition alone. The People’s Airline will put the other airlines out of business because once you fly the People’s Airline, you’ll never fly on another airline the rest of your life.

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