People’s Airline update

Hey Roqayah, I just want to share an update on the People’s Airline! I’ve got our fleet of aircraft figured out, the seat capacity’s on our planes, the seat width, the legroom, and the aisle width.

For the short domestic routes (in any country, since we’ll be international) we’ll have Airbus 319’s, carrying 116 people. 8 business seats, 37 inch legroom, 25 inch wide seats, and 26 inch wide aisles. 108 economy class seats, 33 inch legroom, 18 inch wide seats, 18 inch wide aisles. (airline industry average is 17 inch wide seats, and getting smaller by the day. Also, average legroom is 30-31 inches)

For the short to medium length domestic routes, we’ll have Airbus 320’s, carrying 144 people. 12 business class, and 132 economy. Business has 39 inch legroom, 26 inch wide seats, 22 inch aisle. Economy class is 32 inch legroom, 18 inch seats, 18 inch aisle.

For the medium to long domestic routes, we’ll have Airbus 321’s carrying 174 people. 24 business class, 150 economy class. 62 inch legroom, 24 inch seats, 23 inch aisle for business class. 33 inch legroom, 18.5 inch seats, 20 inch aisle for economy class.

For the heavily traveled long domestic routes, we’ll have Boeing 767-400’s with 221 people. 32 business class seats with 75 inch legroom, 36 inch seats, and a 36 inch aisle. 189 economy class seats with 33 inch legroom, 19 inch seats, and 19 inch aisles (2-3-2 setup)

Now for the international routes. I don’t know if you know this, but the big single deck planes, like the 777/787 and A330/340/350, in the back of the plane above the passenger cabin, the flight attendants have cabins. The space up there is big enough to actually have seats/cabins, so for all the international routes, we’re going to have first class cabins up there, thus bringing the business class seats up to where first class used to be, thus creating more room for economy class seats, meaning more legroom! Anyways…

For the 250-300 seat markets, we’re going to have Boeing 787-900’s with 290 people. 10 upper first class cabins, not seats, but like their own private rooms up there. Like ‘The Residence’ on Etihad Airways, but for all the first class people. 25 business class seats in a 2-1-2 setup. 80 inch legroom (seats turn into a bed), 30 inch seats, 32 inch aisles. 255 economy seats, in a 3-2-3 setup. 34 inch legroom, 20 inch seats, 23 inch aisles.

For the 300-350 seat market, we’ll have Airbus 350-900’s at 311 people. 10 first class upper cabins. 40 business class seats in a 2-1-2 setup, with 78 inch legroom, 30 inch seats and 32 inch aisles. Economy class will have 261 seats in a 3-2-3 setup, 34 inch legroom, 20 inch seats and 23 inch aisles. I would go with the bigger A340-600 but Airbus has stopped making those.

For the 350 to 450 seat market, we’ll have Boeing 777-300’s, or the future Boeing 777-9X, but I haven’t seen a seat layout for it yet. For the 777-300’s, we’d have 473 people. We’ll have 12 upper first class cabins. 24 business class seats in a 2-2-2 setup, with 82 inch legroom, 31 inch seats, and 21 inch aisles. 437 economy class seats in a 3-3-3 setup, 34 inch legroom, 20 inch seats, 19 inch aisles.

Lastly, for 450 and above seat market, we’ll have… well you know.. those big giant massive A380’s. Ours will have 539 people. 8 first class cabins in a 1-2-1 setup. The cabins will be 45 inches wide and 81 inches long. Aisles in first class are 22 inches. 48 business class seats in a 2-2-2 setup, 55 inch legroom, 31 inch seats and 21 inch aisles. 483 economy seats, 3-4-3 on the lower deck with 34 inch legroom, 20 inch seats and 22 inch aisles. Upper deck economy is 2-3-2 with 34 inch legroom but 26 inch seats and 21 inch aisles.

So yup, that’ll be our fleet, if you’re alright with that! Also, on the international flights, our capacity will be slightly higher than that of today’s airlines, even though we’ll have wider seats and more legroom in economy. Putting first class up top and moving business class forward, means that with the extra space, I’m not really adding more seats, I’m just taking one seat from each row and forming rows where business class used to be. This creates space to widen the seats, and spread the rows out more (legroom). So yea, more seat width and legroom, all without losing capacity, and of course lowering the prices dramatically! So yup!

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