George Soros

Apparently George Soros funded the Women’s march? Every protester was paid to come out, apparently. Huh. Strange, because I haven’t gotten my Soros check yet. But obviously, I was paid by George Soros to attend the women’s march. It had nothing to do with my passion for women’s rights. It clearly wasn’t because I wanted to show all the women in my life, from my mom to my two sisters to my cousins to my friends, that I support them and will stand up for them, not only with my words but with my actions too. Clearly, I am a corrupt person who only does things for money. Anyways, I’m still waiting for my George Soros check. Obviously, he’s in debt to me now, so clearly I’m not attending another march or protest until I get my money from him. Seriously, no offense, if you read Breitbart and believe every liberal and leftist protest is funded and paid for by George Soros, you are a joke, you lack critical thinking skills.

You don’t get four million people showing up to marches all around the country, in blue states as well as red states, unless you have a lot of angry people who are full of passion for the issue they are marching for. In this case, everybody was marching for women’s rights. I can’t believe I have to say this, but millions are resisting Donald Trump because he and his party are taking away their rights. Trump and his party’s policies are a grave threat to millions, so that’s why they are in the streets fighting back. But yes, go on believing that all these protesters are being paid for by George Soros, idiots. Except, the people who believe that aren’t idiots, they just have an agenda in spewing that kind of bullshit. Fuck them.

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