Melania Trump

Melania Trump is not an innocent victim, not right now with what we know about her. She married Donald Trump. She stayed with him all throughout his presidential campaign, even when he said sexist things, racist things, said he wanted to commit war crimes and do torture again. She didn’t leave Trump when the audio clip came out with Trump saying “grab her by the pussy”. Melania is the wife of Trump. So stop with this whole feeling sorry for her thing. She could make Trump change his views, make him not hate women so much, as she herself is a woman. Fact is though, she married him, and is still with him, so therefore she supports him. She’s not an innocent victim. Now, if it comes out that she has experienced marital rape from Trump, and he’s using money or other types of blackmail to keep her with him and silent, then she is a victim. If Melania divorces Trump during his presidency, then we can say that she is a victim, that she didn’t in fact support Trump’s awful actions and policies. For the time being though, she is married to Donald Trump, danced with him at the inaugural balls. With what we know right now about Melania’s marriage with Trump, we must treat her as complicit in whatever horrible things Donald does. Until if and when our knowledge about her changes, she is the wife of a Nazi and must be treated as such. So for now, no feeling sorry for her.

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