My favorite book

I’m not one to read books a lot, reading requires keeping other thoughts out, something I’m pretty much incapable of, but there is this one book I actually have which I love a lot. If I head out with my backpack, I’ll always put the book in my backpack. I take the book everywhere.
The book is called Binding Chaos and it’s by Heather Marsh. It’s about a new system of self-governance based on human rights. You won’t find it at a book store, but you can buy it on Amazon. Heather Marsh also has a WordPress site, like I do, and she has all of the chapters to the book posted on there. I’m going to link to each of the chapters, for those who want to check it out and see why I love it so much. Heather is also going to publish more books where she expands on her ideas, based on what she has already written, so I’ll link to her possible future book chapters as well.
Here’s Binding Chaos

That’s more chapters than what is in her Binding Chaos book, but those are all part of her Binding Chaos section on her website. I left off a few, because they aren’t in the book and people can just go to her site and read them. Anyways, here are the chapters from her potentially future book Releasing Chaos.
So yup, that’s Releasing Chaos! For good measure, here’s her New Orwellian Dictionary!

So yea, that’s what she has written so far. I love reading her work because she knows the world, she understands it. Two years ago, she predicted Trump would get elected. Three years ago, she predicted Dilma Rousseff in Brazil would get overthrown. She used to be on twitter, and she was one of if not my favorite person to follow, because of her knowledge, and also because she would respond to my questions. She’s not on twitter anymore though because she was getting too many threats. However, she’s still out there doing her thing, here’s a recent speech she gave and here’s her latest and current project, if anybody wants to help her and here’s all of her work, everything she wants to do but doesn’t have the resources to currently so yup!

Being that Binding Chaos is her only published book so far, it is by default my favorite book. Once she gets more published, all of her books will be equally my favorite. Anyways, everyone should read Heather Marsh’s work.

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