College Football Playoff Year Three

The college football playoff committee got the right playoff teams this year. There is no controversy. Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State and Washington are the four best teams. The playoff committee’s job isn’t to put in the best four conference champions, it’s to put in the four best teams, with an emphasis on conference champions and those who played tough non conference schedules.

Alabama is clear and away the best team. There’s no question they deserve to be in. Clemson deserves to be in, no question. 12-1 ACC Champions. They have wins over Virginia Tech, Florida State, Louisville and Auburn. Some think Ohio State shouldn’t be in because they didn’t win their conference, but that’s the wrong way to think. Ohio State clearly deserves to be in. They went 11-1 with wins over Michigan, Wisconsin and Oklahoma. Yes, they lost to Penn State, who won the B1G because they won the division tiebreaker over TOSU from beating them earlier in the season, but TOSU only had that one loss, whereas Penn State lost twice. Ohio State’s one loss was on a blocked field goal in a game they led by 14 in the second half. Penn State’s two losses were a blowout to Michigan and a loss against Pittsburgh. If Penn State wanted to be in the playoffs, they would have beat Pittsburgh. So yea, not a debate, Ohio State deserves to be in the playoffs. Lastly, Washington. Yes, they played a terribly weak out of conference schedule, however, they beat Utah, Stanford and Colorado, all ranked teams. UW won the conference, only had one loss compared to Penn State’s two losses, so yea, they deserve to be in.

No matter what happens in the two semi-final games at the end of the month, the playoff committee, for the third straight year, got the right four teams in. So for those saying we need an eight team playoff, cut that talk out. Until the playoff committee actually gets it wrong, the four team playoff is just fine. If anything, so far, three years in, the way things have worked out, four teams is the perfect number for the college football playoff. So come late December, let’s just sit back and enjoy the college football playoffs in its third year.

On a side note, have fun Huskies. Have fun getting your ass kicked by Alabama. Don’t kid yourself into false hope, you’re going to get your ass kicked.

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