We are all hypocrites

I’m a hypocrite. You’re a hypocrite. Everyone’s a hypocrite. We’re all hypocrites.

We support one person, but oppose another, even if they’ve done the same things. We don’t support ideas and principles.

When Obama deported two million plus people, there was no mass outrage, no mass protests in the streets for weeks on end. When Trump got elected though, and wants to build a wall and deport 11 million people, everyone suddenly gets outraged.

When Fidel Castro died, everyone celebrates the death of a dictator. But when the King of Saudi Arabia died, everybody celebrated the life of a “cautious reformer”. Yet the human rights abuses of Saudi are far worse than that of Cuba.

When Russia steals Crimea, they get sanctioned and are seen as a grave imperial threat. When Israel steals Palestinian land in the West Bank, they get $38 billion in aid and are seen as just protecting themselves from “terrorists”.

When George W. Bush deleted millions of emails, nobody blinked an eye. When Hillary did the same thing, it was a nonstop story.

During the election, liberals looked the other way on Hillary’s corruption, but now that Trump is elected, they all scream about corruption. Also, the right wing constantly talked about Hillary’s corruption aka Crooked Hillary, but they look the other way on Trump’s corruption.

Donald Trump wants to torture people again, and it’s a big deal, yet torture is only possible again because Obama refused to prosecute the Bush officials for their torture program, meaning that Trump and future administrations don’t fear any consequences. Trump is rightly blasted for wanting to torture again, but Obama is let off the hook for not closing Guantanamo.

We call out Trump for white supremacy, and yet it is under Obama that the water protectors at Standing Rock are being sprayed with water in freezing temperatures.

When people living under Communism die, it is because of communism. When capitalism kills, it’s because those people were just lazy.

When Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq, they are war criminals, but when Hillary supported the same thing it was just a mistake. When Obama and Hillary invaded Libya with France, it was “humanitarian” and when Obama bombed hospitals and weddings, they were intelligence “mistakes”. But when Assad and Putin bomb hospitals, it’s a war crime.

When Republicans are bought off by the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson it’s wrong and corrupt, but when Hillary and Obama and the Democrats are bought off by similar Wall Street interests it’s not corruption, if anything leftists are blamed for wanting “purity”.

There’s a million more examples, literally, that I want to give, but I don’t want to continue on forever so yea.

We should see corruption as corruption, no matter who it is. Anyone who is corrupt, even those we like, should be called out and/or prosecuted for it. War crimes are war crimes, no matter who commits them. Those who commit them, should be prosecuted for them, no matter their political ideology, whether they are an ally or enemy, no matter their race or gender. Imperialism and colonialism should be resisted and fought, no matter who is the oppressor, whether it be the U.S, Russia, Israel, China or anyone else for that matter.

Obviously, nobody is perfect. We shouldn’t expect anybody to be perfect. However, we shouldn’t have different standards for different people. We should hold the people we like to the same standards we hold those we don’t like to. We should place our beliefs more in ideas and principles, and less so in elite figures.

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