Traveling to all 50 states

Last week in my post about airplanes and airports I mentioned that I’ve been to most of the states in this country. Most means I haven’t been to all 50 states. It has been many years since my last road trip, and I’ve seen just about everything you can see in this country, but being that I like traveling, I hope sometime in the future I will have one more cross country road trip, because I would love to check all 50 states off my imaginary list of states to visit.

The states I haven’t been to yet that I’d like to one day visit are Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, West Virginia, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Alaska and Hawaii. Hawaii would of course have to be its own vacation, because I’d have to fly there. I’m not sure exactly what or who I’d be hoping to see in each of those states, as most states I’ve visited either had national landmarks worth seeing or my dad had family to visit.

Texas is Texas. Oklahoma, what is worth seeing there? I know Arkansas has some beautiful forests. Louisiana has New Orleans, have to see New Orleans. What’s in Mississippi? And for that matter, what is there to see in West Virginia? I know Vermont has a beautiful lake worth visiting. I don’t know anything about New Hampshire. Maine has a gorgeous coastline I’d love to see. I bet watching the sunrise on the coastline of Maine would be special. Alaska has endless natural beauty, from the coast to the forests to the mountains to the Arctic. Hawaii, I’d love to go surfing in Hawaii.
So yea, one of these days it’d be cool to go on another road trip, so I can get my checklist to 49 states before flying to Hawaii to get the last state checked off. Hawaii is the special state that goes last!

Also, this isn’t something I super super suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper desire, but if my future special travel person is up for it, it’d be sweet to see all the Canadian provinces as well. I’ve only been to British Columbia and Ontario. So that means visiting Alberta, which has the Canadian Rockies to see. It means seeing Saskatchewan, although I have no idea what’s there. I’d love to see Lake Winnipeg in Manitoba. Quebec certainly is a unique place to see. Drive through New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, and take a ferry to Newfoundland.

You could even make this all one road trip! On the drive east from Seattle, hit Oklahoma and Texas first, Arkansas and Louisiana to Mississippi up to West Virginia then Vermont and New Hampshire across to Maine, take the ferry from Maine to Nova Scotia, and take the ferry from there to Newfoundland and then come back and drive to New Brunswick and Quebec and through Ontario to Manitoba and Saskatchewan and Alberta to British Columbia, then catch the Alaska ferry at Prince Rupert up to Alaska and then drive all the way back to Seattle! And then at some point, plan a trip to Hawaii to complete everything and yea!

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