My dad’s told me for a few months now that I should do a daily podcast. He says I always have so much I want to talk about, whether it be sports, politics, environmental stuff, human rights. Nobody really among my friends or family can handle all my thoughts, so I never really get to express my thoughts to people. I’ve held off on doing a podcast, because I hate the sound of my voice on cameras/recordings. I also, just, talking into a camera seems really stupid to me. I’m not really actually talking to anybody. A podcast, I’d just basically be talking to nobody, and then I’d post the video or recording on Youtube or ITunes, and then people who I don’t even know would listen to it. There’s no connection for me. No conversation with someone who I value, or someone who I desire to be valued by. So yea. But now, I don’t know, writing blogs, nobody really reads them, I’m not able to have a consistent or large audience. So maybe I’ll give the podcast thing a try. I don’t want to do it by myself though. If I do a podcast, I want to either have a co-host who does it with me, like Kumars and Roqayah for Delete Your Account, or to have a guest who I interview. Co-hosting with someone or having guests would be a little more complicated, I’d have to figure out how to do that, but that’s really the only way I’d enjoy having a podcast show.

I have to start somewhere for my first show, but I have no idea what I should talk about first. There are so many ideas I have for a podcast episode, and so many people I’d want to have as a guest on my show. I want to talk bioregionalism with Alexander Baretich. Witches with Lily Myers. Feminism, as well as film directing, with Maddi Tangney. Oregon football with any number of Duck fans I know on twitter. The situation with the Tamil people in Sri Lanka with Richard Potter, as well as Somalia & Ethiopia with him. The Rohingya ethnic cleansing with Jamila Hanan. Nauru detention facilities with Asher Wolf. I have no idea the names of the people who run the Anonymous twitter accounts but I want to talk about the ideas in Binding & Releasing Chaos. Mental health with Carrie Shade. If having a podcast show goes well and I keep at it, one of my goals would be to interview someone in every country of the world, so I could help bring to light the human rights and environmental issues everywhere. But of course, that’s dreaming too big. I have no followers, I have to start small. First though, see if anyone wants to co-host or be my first episode guest!

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