Oregon Football stories. USC @ Oregon 2009 (Halloween Fright Night)

my Ducks 8th game of the 2009 season was at home against the Mighty Trojans of USC!

our chance to end their dynasty once and for all!

(oh and Maddi, you HAVE to read this one, it’ll be your favorite one so far!)

the game is on halloween night of 2009 at 5pm in eugene, they city that calls everyday halloween, but now its actually halloween so eugene is like.. you know.. just in another world haha!

#4 USC @ #10 Oregon, october 31st, 2009


on sunday, since it was anounced that the crowd was doing a black-out for the game, i bought my black oregon shirt specially made for this one game

i missed monday and tuesday at school because i was really sick

my dad said i had to go to school on thursday and friday if i wanted to go to the game

even though i was still a little sick, i went to school on wednesday because i missed Maddi

in the student store class, i told my new friend Hannah Faught how excited i was for USC

i told Hannah if we win, you’ll see a totally happy and not shy adam on monday

on thursday, my black shirt for the game arrived! on the front it said “WELCOME TO AUTZEN” with the grim reeper and on the back it said “WHERE TEAMS GO TO DIE”

i wore my new shirt to my high school’s open mic on thursday

on friday, i couldn’t concentrate in any class haha!

also during that week, in marine bio class we were doing a project in the computer lab and i was sitting next to Robyn.  we were supposed to be working but i saw Robyn playing this really cool game so i asked her what it was and she said ‘Miami Shark’ so i went and found it, then Robyn showed me how to play and i started playing

when i got home i kept playing it because it’s fun and it kept my mind off of the USC game

even to this day i still play Miami Shark because honestly its my favorite game in the world, all because of Robyn Nielsen

its funny how such little things as a computer game can make you appreciate having a person in your life

(on a side note, even though most of the RHS graduating class of 2011, the class i graduated with, doesn’t think too fondly of Robyn and a lot of the 2010 kids, she is one of my favorite friends.  i’ve never had any beef with 2010 because of amazing people such as Robyn Nielsen, Maddi Tangney, Ian Brewer and others)

back to football!

normally i tell Maddi all about the next game, but for USC i was quite nervous and superstitous so i didn’t talk too much about it to Maddi, although i did tell her the time and channel of the game so she could watch, and i told her if oregon wins i’m going to rush the field

Maddi told me to just go have a blast, which i most certainly did have, and then some!

instead of my mom or dad going, my older bro Ryan took me and alex because ryan loves the big games and i let alex come along too because wazzu sucks and i wanted him to experience a once in a lifetime thing

even though the game was saturday night, we left friday night because ESPN’s college gameday crew was doing their show live from eugene saturday morning and i wanted to go to that

it’s halloween and gameday is in eugene!

halloween, and oregon gets the primetime game on ABC, oh man Autzen will be spooky!

in eugene, they say everyday is halloween so now that it’s actually halloween.. oh baby!

on the drive down, ryan just blasts this AC DC type music as loud as he could and somehow, i don’t know how, i fell asleep despite the music!

even while sleeping, my heart was still racing because it’s the biggest game in oregon history so i’m more pumped than ever before

odd timing, maybe cause i’m a Duck, but the moment we pull into eugene i wake up

we go to the hotel for a little bit


at 6am, ryan drops me and alex off at the gameday show (gameday starts at 7am so we tried to get good spots but when we got there at 6, there was already 10,000 people)

so we get to gameday set up right outside of autzen

it’s 6am and there’s already thousands of people chanting stuff it’s crazy!

when gameday starts it’s a mob scene!  the cameras fly over us and everyone is holding up their ‘O’

there’s fans with ghosts masks on and hockey helmets and you can tell that it’s halloween in eugene

show starts and Chris Fowler asks the crowd if they’ve slept at all and everyone yells “NO!”

then fowler tells everyone watching on TV that these oregon fans have been standing here since 8pm friday night!  i’m just in shock at how awesome that is!  oregon fans have been standing here for 10 hours chanting and singing waiting fo the show to start!

during commercials, songs come on and we all sing to them, atleast try to haha!

when ESPN comes back from a commercial, there’s a guy walking by everyone with the Duck mascot head on

everyone thought it was just a student dressed up for halloween, even i thought it was a student

i’m close to the front so i see everything up close and personal

the guy gives everyone high fives as he walks by, then made an ‘O’ with his hands.. must be a student or just a crazy fan!

the guy slowly takes off the mascot head to reveal himself…

the head piece comes off and its..

HOLY SHIT THAT’S CHIP KELLY!!!!!!!!! BIG BALLS CHIP!!! the place explodes into an animal house!! (the movie animal house was filmed on the u of o campus)

FUCKIN CHIP KELLY BABY! head coach CHIP KELLY fuckin dressed up for halloween!!!! at that moment Chip Kelly becomes america’s favorite coach! no other coach in history of college football or NFL has done that! coaches are always so serious and never interact with fans, but fuckin Chip Kelly came out to college gameday all dressed up for halloween!!  he was one of us, he was a fan and nobody knew it!  that dude’s got big giant balls, and i’ll be honest, every oregon fan including me wants to rub his giant balls.. there’s a reason we call him “BIG BALLS CHIP”

the show goes on of course but that was some crazy ass shit!

at the end of the show, it comes time to reveal who the celebrity guest picker is

the door of the gameday bus opens and it’s… PHIL KNIGHT!!!! UNCLE PHIL BABY!!!

man this is already the best halloween ever and it’s still morning, we haven’t gone trick or treating on USC yet!

Phil picks the Ducks of course, as does Desmond Howard but hey, where’s Lee Corso?!

he’s off stage.. he picks up the duck mascot head and puts it on! the place goes APE SHIT!!

he walks over to the duck harley davidson and goes for a ride, it’s a mad house here at the gameday show in eugene!!

finally the show ends at 9am and everyone heads off

me and alex walk to a restaurant to eat breakfast before going back to the hotel

because of the gameday show i’ve already lost my voice so i drink lots of water to get it back for the game

i watch college football on TV for a few hours before we go get lunch


at 2pm, we went and parked a mile from the stadium

since ryan and alex’s seats were not with me, i could go off on my own

before ryan let me go though, he told me:

“if the lead is bigger than 14 with 5 minutes left, meet me and alex under the scoreboard so we can leave early and beat traffic because i have a halloween party back home to get to at midnight”

he also said:  “if oregon wins, don’t rush the field so we can get out of here because you’ve rushed the field atleast 3 times before so you don’t need to do it again, you’ve had the experience”

so then i said: “rushing the field never gets old but fine, just don’t count on us leaving early because USC never loses by more than 10”

i totally lied of course haha! if oregon wins i’m rushing the field!! hell, i even told Maddi at school that i’d rush the field if we win!

it’s fuckin USC!!!

anyways ryan let me go and instead of walking to the stadium, i was soooooooo juiced that i SPRINTED to the stadium! my blood was flowing!

once at the stadium, i watched the team come through

then i went up to my seat to watch warm-ups

oregon had their green helmet, green jersey, black pants combo, same as we wore for oklahoma in 2006 and pussy Cal in 2007 (pussy cal! pussy cal! pussy cal!)

green-green-black is our big game uniform combo

the student section wore all black as did atleast half the stadium so autzen looked frightening

as the game got closer i got more and more amped i was just dying to explode!

during warm-ups the student section chanted “fuck the trojans” i chanted it too of course

the marching band had to play songs just to drown out the bad language we were all using

when the USC band walked in, everyone boo’d like crazy

when USC started playing their fight song, all the students including me, we all held up our middle finger

the teams go to the locker rooms and the oregon marching band takes the field

the stadium is electric and everyone has their costumes on!

people i saw at the game: the joker, darth vader, a stormtrooper, president obama, eminem, the grim reeper and bill clinton, thats just to name a few!

the band plays mighty oregon and everyone claps to it

then the band lines up outside the tunnel and Duckvision comes on and everyone explodes!

right as Duckvision starts i said outloud: “here we go Maddi!!!!”

Duckvision gets to ‘The Pick’ and it’s crazy in autzen! after ‘The Pick’ ends, the Duck drives out on the harley davidson with the team right behind! everyone’s going insane! i’m going insane! this place is rocking!!

then usc comes out and everyone erupts in booing like hella crazy!

then everyone on the north side yells “GOOOOO!” and the southside yells “DUUUUUCKS!” that goes on for a minute, there’s nothing like it in the world i swear!

PA anouncer Don Essig comes on and says “lets welcome brent musberger and kirk herbstreit with their ABC primetime audience to autzen stadium for tonights halloween matchup between the 4th ranked USC trojans and your 10th ranked University of Oregon Ducks!”  everyone goes crazy!! i cross my fingers and whisper: “hope you’re watching Maddi”

after a pause, Don Essig says the weather for the game and finishes off with: “and let’s remind the folks from USC that IT NEVER RAINS IN AUTZEN STADIUM!” the whole crowd including me says that with him!


finally the teams lineup for kickoff and it’s deafening!!! all the students are jumping up and down, everyone is holding their ‘O’ high in the air!  (just for the record, i do everything the student’s do)

when thousands of people are holding an ‘O’ high in the air, it looks like the coolest thing ever!

oregon fans are yelling for atleast a minute before oregon actually kicks the ball off! it’s quite something to see!

finally oregon kicks it off and the biggest game in school history is under way!

usc runs their first play and nobody is sitting down and it’s deafening!

after the tackle is made, instead of waiting for usc to break their huddle, everyone starts yelling right after the tackle is made! it truly is ROCKING in autzen!!! nobody is sitting down!

usc marches down field before we stop them

usc kicks the field goal and is ahead 3-0 halfway through the 1st quarter, they took a lot of time off the clock on that drive

during commercial break i said “Damn it!” cause we’re losing

on usc’s kickoff, Kenjon Barner returns it and breaks a few tackles and i’m yelling at the top of my lungs “GO! GO! GO! STAY ON YOUR FEET! GO!” when barner gets tackled down in the red zone, i yell “YEA BABY! THAT A BOY BARNER!”

autzen is going crazy after his big return!!!

oregon’s offense doesn’t do anything and settles for the field goal so we’re tied at 3!

nobody has sat down yet!

usc back on offense and autzen is just rocking, it’s ear drum hearing loss loud! 120 decibels loud to be exact!

first and 10, usc is stuffed!

2nd and 10 stopped!

3rd down, shut down baby! autzen is a mad house!!!

usc punts and we have the ball

oregon picks up a first down before getting to 3rd and 3 near mid field

masoli turns, fakes it to LMJ, turns around and rolls out, shakes a defender, evades another one, pump fakes and lobs a 1st down completion to David Paulson! autzen goes crazy!

what a play by masoli, great footwork by #8! (sorry i just love quoting brent musberger haha!)

1st and 10 in usc territory, masoli throws a bubble pass to DJ Davis and he runs for the 1st down!

i do the color guard 1st down dance

the color guard girls all have on this spooky face paint for halloween by the way, awesome!

then masoli throws a TD pass but there’s a penalty on us so i yell “Fuck! come on Ducks clean it up!”

on 3rd and 8, masoli throws a flare to LMJ and he gets the 1st down! 1st and goal ducks!

i do the 1st down dance again and while i’m doing it i said outloud: “wish you were here dancing with me Maddi!”

then on a zone-read play, usc bites the dust and masoli keeps it and busts his way into the endzone!!!!!!!!!


autzen is a mad house and the foghorn blows! (autzen has a foghorn that blows 3 times every time we score, makes you feel like you’re at a stanley cup game!)

nobody has sat down yet!!

we’re ahead on usc as the sun sets!

usc is back on offense and it’s crazy deafening!!!

everyone is jumping up and down and it’s insane!!

autzen is hands down the loudest stadium in the world!

usc gets stuffed and is forced to punt again!!!


early in the 2nd, masoli completes a pass to Jeff Maehl for the 1st down but he fumbles it and usc recovers and i said “FUCK!” because we had a chance to go up 2 scores on usc

usc has the ball again and autzen is going insanely crazy and is super crazy loud!!

usc marches down field though and scores to tie the game at 10

i yelled “god damn it oregon! that’s why you don’t turn the god damn fucking ball over you ass holes!”  yes, i am like that at games, simply because i love my ducks

tied at 10, this game is intense!!

with the ball back, masoli completes a pass to Lavasier Tuinei for a 1st down into usc territory (i think i spelled his name right!)

then masoli hands off to LMJ on a power play (not a zone-read) and for a moment it looked like usc had James stuffed but then he breaks free from the pile and autzen explodes in a deafening roar!

LMJ sprints into the red zone!! everyone is going super crazy!!

marching band plays their ‘stick it in’ song which honestly, is 1,000 times cooler than Roosevelt’s (my high school i just graduated from)

next play, masoli hands off to LMJ on the same exact power play!

an oregon lineman is blocking a usc guy and since LMJ is so short, he runs right in between them right under their arms and picks up another 1st down!!! LMJ is in beast mode right now!!

oregon’s band plays ‘stick it in’ again and ALL the 5,000 students do it!! unlike RHS where it’s just the girls mostly, at oregon the guys do it too!

1st and goal ducks!

2 plays later masoli hands off to Andre Crenshaw and…


the foghorn blows and everyone is going super crazy!!!

(Maddi, you would’ve loved it, you really would!)

oregon’s back on defense again with the lead and nobody in the stadium has sat down yet! 59,000 people all on their feet! eveyone has been standing the entire game!

autzen is going super duper crazy loud and usc is piling up on the false start penalties!!


despite the mad house, matt barkley and usc march down field again and tie the game at 17

i want to be mad at oregon’s defense but i calm myself down because i know this is usc and their worst loss in the last 8 years was a 9 point loss so i know it’s going to be a classic just like i told ryan

oregon has the ball back in a tie game and it starts to rain

suddenly i start to worry because masoli struggles throwing the ball when it rains

on 1st and 10 though, masoli looks to throw the ball

even from my seat, i could see the right side of the line of scrimmage open up wide so i yell as loud as i can:


masoli sees the whole and takes off running!! as he’s running, i’m yelling and waving with my arms “Run masoli run!”

he runs about 35 yards before a usc guy is running him out of bounds so i see a hole going left and just as i yelled “CUT LEFT!” masoli cuts left and gets another 10 yards!

just like that, in one play, we’re back in scoring position!! autzen is going super crazy!!

then masoli keeps the ball again and runs for another 1st down, getting us into the red zone!

then from the 19 yard line, masoli fakes a hand off to Kenjon Barner i think it was and throws a play action pass to the back of the endzone for Jamere Holland aaand…


oregon is back ahead baby!!!! 24-17 lead late in the 1st half!!!

it was on that touchdown play, the moment Jamere Holland caught it that autzen was measured at an ear shattering 127 decibels!!!

its simply a mad house when oregon goes back on defense!!

everyone’s standing and yelling their asses off with their ‘O’ held high in the air!!

oregon makes usc go 3 and out and the place is going totally insane!!

there’s enough time left for oregon to score again!

but oregon goes 3 and out and punts the ball to end the 1st half


it’s halftime and after more than 2 hours of standing up, everyone finally sits down!

we’re up on #4 USC 24-17 at halftime, what a game so far!

halloween night and i’m thinking “man this game is living up to it’s hype!”

autzen is so electric USC had 6 false start penalties in the 1st half!

at halftime, being that it’s halloween, the marching band performs Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’

i finally get to rest for 20 minutes, whew!

at the end of halftime, it stopped raining so i was relieved!


oregon gets the ball to start the 2nd half so we get another chance to build on our lead

everyone is back on their feet, nobody wants to sit down during the game! this is way too cool!

with a couple of masoli passes, oregon marches down field and i’m thinking we could go up by 14!

but the offense stalls and we settle for the field goal

it’s good! we’re up 27-17 and i said outloud

“that’s a double digit lead on mighty USC, i’ll take it baby!”

the autzen crowd, all rested up and fresh from filling up on alcohol at halftime, lets usc have it again! JUST SIMPLY DEAFENING!!

usc being usc though, marches down field despite the noise and kicks a field goal, so it’s back to a 7 point oregon lead, 27-20!

oregon gets the ball back and on this drive, oregon would let mighty usc know that their dynasty is going to end on this night in autzen stadium against oregon on halloween night in the city that calls everyday halloween

masoli on 1st and 10 looks to throw, pump fakes and takes off running left!

masoli gets close to midfield and everyone is going crazy!!

few plays later masoli hands to LMJ and he cuts up the usc defense!

a few plays later on 1st and 15, masoli hands to LMJ again and he SHAKE AND BAKES a usc defender and picks up the 1st down!! autzen is jumping around!

very next play on 1st and goal, masoli hands to LMJ on the same exact play and he darts into the endzone!!

TOUCHDOWN OREGON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

autzen is going balls to wall crazy!!! 34-20!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

we’re up by 2 touchdowns on mighty usc!!!!!!  YEA BABY YEA!!!!!

at that moment i yelled out “you better be watching this Maddi!!!!!!!!!!”

when usc is back on defense, autzen is louder than ever!!

it’s DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAFENING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

usc can’t stop us and everyone in the stadium smells blood! we can sense it! everyone watching on TV could sense it! even the ABC commentators sensed it because when i watch youtube videos of the game (which i do a lot), at that moment brent musberger, who called the game, says “and folks, the usc dynasty is in trouble here”

smelling blood, oregon’s defense picks up their slack and sacks matt barkley on 2nd down!!

on 3rd down, autzen is REALLY ROCKING!!!!!!!!!

oregon stops usc on 3rd down and they have to punt!! we get the ball back up by 14!!!

this is the moment we’ve all been dying for, here it is! we can end the great mighty usc dynasty right here on this drive with one more TD!

on a power play, masoli gives the ball to LMJ and he breaks free for a gain of atleast 20 yards!!!

after a few more plays oregon is back in usc territory!

on a zone-read play, masoli does the mesh with LMJ and the defensive end crashes so masoli keeps it and runs for a first down!!

then masoli does a play action pass to Ed Dickson and now we’re inside the 5 yard line!!

there’s less than 20 seconds left in the 3rd quarter and Chip Kelly wants another play!

the offense hurries up and snaps it, masoli hands off to Kenjon Barner and he plunges into the endzone as time expires in the 3rd quarter!!!

TOUCHDOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOWN KENJON BARNER!!!!!!!!!! (kenjon is pronounced ken-yon)


autzen explodes and it feels like a party!! the moment Barner crosses the goal line, the student section throws confetti into the air!! it looked so cool and was so much fun!!!

after 3 quarters, oregon is up 41-20!!!!!!!!!!!!!

during the commercial break between the 3rd and 4th quarters, i whispered to myself

“if i had even just $500, i would’ve taken you to this game Maddi, because this is just the most fun experience ever!”


the 4th quarter starts and autzen is still rocking!! everyone’s jumping and yelling like insanely crazy!!

usc’s offense gets stuffed and the ball goes back to the unstoppable oregon offense!

after a few plays, masoli hands off to LMJ and he gets good yardage but fumbles it and usc picks it up and returns it for a TD

now back to a 2 score game and everyone in autzen and watching on TV has one thought on their mind: usc is about to stage an epic historic never to be forgotten comeback that will live forever in the lore of college football to keep its dynasty alive and remain the kings of college football

but right before they kick the extra point, the booth decides to review the play to see if perhaps LMJ was down before he fumbled it

after the review, the refs say that LMJ was down before the fumble so it’s oregon ball!

autzen explodes and we’re all relieved!!

in usc territory, masoli completes a pass to Tuinei for a 1st down!

then on 3rd and 15, masoli does a zone-read and the defensive end crashes so masoli keeps it and gets a 1st down inside the 5 yard line!! oregon settles for the field goal and its 44-20 oregon!!!!!!

nobody has left the stadium and nobody has sat down the entire game!!!!

usc has the ball again and it’s SUPER CRAZY in autzen!!!!!!

usc gets nowhere and punts back to oregon!

after an Andre Crenshaw run for a 1st down, masoli does another zone-read play and again, the usc defensive end crashes so masoli keeps it again, picking up a 20+ yard gain!!!

oregon settles for another field goal and we’re up 47-20!!!!!!!!!!!

there’s just under 5 minutes left in the game so i’m supposed to go meet my brother and alex under the scoreboard

but nope, this is too much fun!! plus, i told Maddi i would rush the field! i keep my promises haha!

so usc gets the ball back, and all of the students start lining up against the wall getting ready to jump it and rush the field

so naturally, i leave me seat and head down to the 1st row so i’m all set to jump the wall and rush the field

on the last play of the game, usc throws it and oregon intercepts it!!



let it be duly noted that the great usc dynasty ended on halloween (october 31st) of 2009 in autzen stadium against the oregon ducks!


the moment oregon intercepted it, students started jumping and pouring over the wall!!!!!!!!

within 20 seconds of the pick, i jumped the wall and stormed the field!!!!!!!!!

it was just a sea of black coming over the wall, so awesome!!!!!!!

i ran right to the mosh pit where everyone was forming at!!!!!!!!

the ABC sky cam is looking right in at us as we’re all jumping and lifting people into the air and chanting “BCS! BCS! BCS! BCS!”

while celebrating, quarterback Jeremiah Masoli was looking for somebody i guess and accidently walked into the mosh pit so everyone including me, we’re all giving him pats on the back

then i heard students shouting to pick him up, because the hero/star player always gets lifted up on top of the crowd so i helped by grabbing his left leg and with a few other students, we all lifted masoli into the air!!!!

he got to crowd surf for close to a minute! he was scared as shit at first but then he soaked in the moment! to this day, i’m pretty damn sure that is the highlight of Masoli’s life, he had to feel like he was on top of the world that night

after a minute, he asked to be put back down so we all carefully lowered him back down

it was the funnest thing ever!!!!

then we all continued chanting “BCS! BCS! BCS! BCS!”  and “number one! number one! number one!”

after about 10-15 minutes, everyone started to exit the field because storming the field is like a 15 minute rush of pure adrenaline and thrill!!!

there is nothing as fun as being in a mosh pit with 5,000 college students!!!!

i really can’t describe how much fun rushing the field is, or rushing the court!


you have to be apart of a rushing the field to know what i’m talking about!

so 20 minutes after the game ended, i left the field and went back into the stands

i turned around and looked back at all the people on the field and said outloud

“Maddi, wait till you hear about this experience! you’re gonna love this so much, god i wish you could’ve been in that mosh pit with me, you were in my heart though!” and then i smiled

i went to the scoreboard and met up with ryan and alex

ryan slapped me really hard and said “what did i tell you!”

i didn’t fight though, i just laughed haha!

i didn’t care what punishment he gave me, i don’t regret anything one bit baby! i got to rush the field just like i told Maddi i would! and it was worth it, it was worth it by a mile!

i mean, i just had the most fun experience in my ENTIRE life, hell yea it was worth getting slapped!!!!!!!

on the walk back to ryan’s car, ryan said he let alex rush the field too because with 2 minutes left in the game, he saw all the students lined up ready to rush the field and he realized i’m not coming up to meet him because i’m down there somewhere, he knew i was rushing so he let alex go too

so its good that alex got to rush the field and be apart of that mosh pit cause you don’t get that at wazzu, only at oregon! i’m glad that alex got to enjoy the same experience, he’ll never forget it!  he tells me even though he’s a wazzu coug, he loves going to oregon’s big games because he just LOVES rushing the field! that’s why i always buy him a ticket to big games


once we got back to ryan’s car, i got in the back seat and fell asleep right away because i had just used every bit of energy i had and i had been feeding on adrenaline the ENTIRE day!!

we got to the car around 930pm and got to seattle around midnight

its daylight savings and it took ryan only 3 hours to get home, normally eugene to seattle and vice versa is a 4 and a half hour drive, but we made it home in 3 hours because ryan later told us that since it’s halloween, all the police were out patrolling neighborhoods because of halloween parties so there was no police on the freeway (I-5) so ryan drove 100mph the whole way home!

so yup, we got home and ryan was able to go to his halloween party on time so everyone won on halloween night of 2009, everyone except for USC that is ahahahahaha!

their dynasty ended that night!!!!!!!!!

for USC, halloween night of 2009 was FRIGHT NIGHT!!!!!!!!!!

even to this day, halloween of 2009 is called FRIGHT NIGHT by USC fans and players!

halloween of 2009 was and still is the best holiday i’ve ever celebrated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wMllSmi4QZc (part one of highlights)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fN1zTOYJqRo&feature=related (part two of highlights)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HJLVHxB7Eww&feature=related (rushing the field)

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