Oregon Football stories. Oregon @ UW 2009

oregon’s 7th game of the 2009 season was at Washington in husky stadium the saturday before halloween

it’d be the 6th game i’d go to during oregon’s first 7 games

#11 Oregon @ Washington


oregon had a bye week in between UCLA and UW

the week after the UCLA game, i got healthy again and was able to get good sleep


since i was healthy again, i thought that since we play UW here in seattle, i’d ask Maddi if she’d like to go to the game with me.  i’d have no problem buying her a ticket

luck/karma wasn’t on my side though, because when the next week came around, i caught a cold again but this time it was from a friend at school

throughout the week i gradually got more sick but i had to go to school every day because my parents don’t let me go to games if i miss school.

since i kept getting more sick i decided thursday before school its best not to take Maddi to the game cause i’d most likely get her sick cause she’d be with me for over 6 hours.  so i never asked Maddi, although when i look back now i would’ve asked her cause being sick is no big deal really

i still talked about the upcoming game with her though in class

even though i was once again sick, the friday before the game, i went to see my friend Katie Romoser sing

i sat in the back and tried to time my coughs so i wouldn’t disrupt Katie and her friends’ show

when Katie sang it was a thing of beauty, she has such an amazing voice.  Katie is a really beautiful singer!

if i had to buy a $10 Justin Bieber CD or a $100 Katie Romoser CD, i’d pay the $90 more to hear Katie’s voice, that’s how amazing a singer she is

seeing Katie sing made me relaxed and not nervous which was nice because the day before games is when i’m always the most nervous

if you ever have a chance to see Katie Romoser sing, don’t miss it because she truly is gifted!

after seeing Katie sing, i went home and fell asleep and tried to get better, but that didn’t really happen haha


on saturday morning, i woke up more sick than i was friday

my dad asked if i should really go to the game and i said:

“yea i’m fine, i’ll be fine i’m not that sick”    i wasn’t fine but i lied haha, nothing stops me from going to see my Ducks play

my dad drives us to Bill Resler’s house because we were going to the game with him and a few of his friends

we all got in a pickup truck, i sat in the trunk because there was no room and i was small enough to fit in the trunk

Bill asks about the RHS girls basketball team and i told him the season starts in just over a month and i hope we do well and that me and tex are taking our superfan-hood to the next level

they’re all talking about how the Huskies will win because they’re on the rise and have jake locker and how all the media is picking UW to upset my ducks

i’m just in the back relaxed knowing my ducks will open up a can of whoop ass on the puppies again and crush their hopes because we have LMJ and Jeremiah Masoli and most importantly, our offense’s bread and butter the “zone-read”

Bill’s friend drops us off and we walk to the North Entrance of Husky Stadium

since my dad and Bill’s friends are going to the tailgate, my dad tells me to wait at the gate after the game and he’ll pick me up, i say “okay”

i go into the stadium and even though my seat is for the balconies, i walk over to the west endzone where the oregon fans are and join my fellow duck fans.  i sat right next to the oregon marching band

i’m watching warm-ups for 2 hours as always just watching the clock tick down

(as weird as it may sound, i’m always excited for games but what gets me juice flowing is watching the clock tick down the minutes during warm-ups.  each minute that goes by, my heart beats faster and faster, it’s like a build-up.  by the time games kick off, my heart explodes and i become this crazy fan feeding off of adrenaline)

anyways an hour into warm-ups, this really cute blonde oregon girl walks down and sits behind me

i turn around and even though i’m sick, i start talking with her

and what do you know? she gets up and moves down and sits next to me

she knew i was sick and cold so she put her arms around me to keep me warm until the game started


oregon’s offense didn’t do too much in the 1st quarter so we were down 3-0

i’m a bit worried because i know if oregon loses i lose bragging rights at school, plus i knew i had husky friends at the game and watching on tv so oregon HAD to blow their minds!

at the very least though, i know i got this really cute oregon girl keeping me warm 🙂

on 4th down early in the 2nd quarter, UW punts the ball

oregon blocks it and recovers the ball in the endzone!

TOUCHDOWN! TOUCHDOWN DUCKS! all of us are going crazy in the west endzone!

me and the girl (i forgot her name haha) are jumping and hugging and everyone claps to Mighty Oregon (our fight song)

oregon goes for 2 and gets it! 8-3 Ducks! me and the girl hug again and give everyone around us high fives

oregon goes back on defense and we’re all screaming.  i was sick so i had trouble screaming.  i had to breathe every 5 seconds

UW drives down field and gets to 4th and goal.  UW gets cute and goes for it on 4th down because they know we can kill them

locker throws to the back of the endzone and its..

INTERCEPTED! INTERCEPTED BY THE DUCKS! 8-3 Ducks still!  marching band, hit mighty oregon!

oregon at midfield, 3rd and 25, UW thinks they have us stopped haha! (when do they ever stop us?)

WRONG! first down pass by masoli to David Paulson!

oregon gets to 4th down and kicks the field goal…

wait we’re just playing games with the puppies as always, we ALWAYS fool them! Nate Costa the holder picks up the ball and runs for a first down!

everyone in the endzone is laughing and going crazy!

2nd and goal, masoli hands off to LMJ aaaaand… oh no, masoli kept it! masoli with the score!


15-3 ducks! 2 years after 2007, and UW is still chasing the wrong guy hahahhaahahaha!

me and the girl hug and all of us duck fans clap to mighty oregon

on some stupid penalties, UW was able to kick a field goal as time expired in the 1st half

its halftime and oregon leads 15-6!

at halftime, the UW band plays mighty oregon.  oregon fans love it but i still don’t get why every year at halftime, UW’s band plays our fight song

early 3rd quarter after we stopped UW, masoli hands off to LMJ.. i’m sorry, Masoli kept it and gets the 1st down! then masoli completes a pass to David Paulson near the goal line!

on 1st and goal, masoli hands off to LMJ and.. Masoli with the keeper, Masoli with the score!


22-6 ducks! UW still chasing ghosts out there its soooooo funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! like actually, its really funny!

we’re all going crazy in the west endzone!! husky stadium is silent, they’re seeing 2007 all over again hahaha!

me and the girl hug again and i don’t feel sick because the oregon girl is keeping me really warm

back on defense, oregon sacks jake locker again! as the oregon students gladly point out, the best thing to ever happen to jake locker was getting a kiss on the lips from his mom.  they had pictures of the jake locker/mom kiss it was funny (holding up the pictures was funny, kissing your mom on the lips is not funny)

UW’s savior, UW’s God can’t beat oregon haha!

then locker completes a long pass over Cliff Harris for a big first down

UW crowd has some life

then locker decides it’d be a good idea to throw another long pass over Cliff Harris but Cliff tells jake locker:

“I’m Cliff Harris and i’m here to lock shit down”  lock shit down he does

locker’s pass is INTERCEPTED BY CLIFF HARRIS! it’s FEASTO FAMINE with #13 (cliff’s jersey number, although in 2009 he was #3)

marching band, hit mighty oregon again!

oregon marches down field quickly with its no huddle up tempo attack

at the UW 16, masoli hands off to LMJ.. no! he keeps it and throws it on a play action pass to the endzone for D.J Davis aaaaand…


while UW is chasing ghosts still, oregon is busy scoring TD’s! 29-6 ducks!

marching band, hit my favorite tune, mighty oregon baby!  my favorite sound in husky stadium is the sound of our fight song!

the west endzone is a party man! this is so much fun! who said i’m sick? i’m not sick at all!!

UW has the ball back but on 2nd and 1, chris polk fumbles it! oregon fans erupt when oregon picks it up and returns it to the UW 31 yard line!

marching band, how about you play mighty oregon again! hit it band!

party in the west endzone baby!

masoli looks for a pass on 1st and 10 but sees a running lane and takes off running and gets to the 5 yard line!

1st and goal from the 5, masoli hands off to LMJ.. yes UW, LMJ actually has the ball this time, try and stop him haha!  oh you can’t stop him? that’s too bad, sike!


everyone’s going crazy, me and the girl hug again and i don’t feel sick anymore!

oregon marching band, hit us up with some mighty oregon again baby!

it’s still the 3rd quarter, and we’ve opened up a can of whoop ass on the poor little puppies!

after a Kenjon Barner “fumble” on a punt return, UW scores a TD to make it 36-12 so their fans come alive to cheer on a good effort at a mini-comeback

UW’s like “let’s just not lose by 20 plus like the last 5 years”

but oregon says “oh no, you will lose by 20 plus, we’ll make sure of it”

UW’s like “oh yea, how so?”

oregon says “watch this”

at our own 44 yard line, masoli hands off to LMJ.. yes UW, LMJ has the ball this time, try and stop him!

i guess it doesn’t matter who has the ball, oregon is always in a hurry to get to the endzone

LMJ breaks free for a 56 yard TD run!!

TOUCHDOWN DUCKS! 43-12 oregon!

party in the west endzone again!

band, hit my favorite tune again!

UW scores a late TD, we win 43-19!

we whooped UW’s ass for the 6th straight year!!!!


right as the game ends, i lean over and give the cute oregon girl who kept me warm a kiss on the cheek and she smiles

the team runs over and one of the players gets up on the band director step thing and conducts mighty oregon

the band plays a couple of more songs and we’re all just dancing and having a blast

after the band stops playing, everyone in the west endzone chants “USC! USC! USC! USC!” cause our next game is against USC at home in what is the biggest game in school history

it also just happens that we’re playing USC on halloween night with a chance to end their dynasty, so we finally get the chance we’ve always wanted! we have a chance to become the new kings of the PAC 10 conference

finally we all settle down and start leaving

before i left, i give the girl who made my day a big warm hug and a 2nd kiss

then i left the stadium and waited by the north entrance for my dad

i waited for an hour but he never came so i said:

“fuck this, i’m walking home”

so i walked all the way home to greenlake.  since my friend Alice Christenson’s home was in the direction i had to go, i stopped to see if she was home to see if she could give me a ride home, but nobody answered the door so i just walked another hour home while coughing and spitting out blood  (it took me two hours to walk home from husky stadium)

finally i got home after having spent the last 9 hours outside in the cold

i drink lots of water and then sit on my couch and watch college football the rest of the day

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ah55Yqw6jU (highlights)

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