Oregon Football stories. Oregon @ Stanford 2009

my oregon ducks 9th game of the 2009 season was on the road at stanford on the 1st saturday of November

#7 Oregon @ Stanford


on monday at school, i was in the ASR room (the classroom when you’re not working in the student store. you’d spend two weeks in the store and than one week in the classroom. it was a three week cycle)

anyways i was in the classroom with my student store buddy Hannah Faught and i was telling her all about the USC game

our teacher walks in and hears me talking about the game

she tells me:

“has anyone ever told you how much your face lights up when you talk about oregon?”

i said “no, why do you ask?”

she says “because your face turns red when you talk about the Ducks, and i can see the excitement in your eyes and i can hear it in your voice”

she’s all smiling when she said that and Hannah was smiling too

i just simply blushed haha!

Hannah’s first impression of me was that i love the Ducks

it’s not the first impression i want to make on girls because its not a good first impression when you’re trying to impress girls… unless its an oregon girl you’re trying to impress! oregon girls love football!

Hannah didn’t mind my love for the Ducks though, she seemed to rather appreciate it because it kept me from being shy and the one thing Hannah hates about me is how shy i usually am. we became good friends 🙂

anyways while Hannah and i were working, my twin brother alex (who everyone calls Tex) who was at first lunch, runs into our class and starts jumping and chanting “BCS! BCS! BCS!”

of course, i jumped out of my seat and joined him in chanting “BCS!”

we were just so excited after beating USC, especially me!

we’re just there jumping chanting “BCS!” and Hannah is watching us just laughing it was funny!

she knew i was overly happy and couldn’t contain it even if i tried

in mr. karl’s class i told my best friend Maddi all about the game and how i rushed the field

on tuesday, during my class with Hannah, alex runs in again and we chant “BCS!” again!

then on wednesday, he ran into our class again but Hannah saw him before i did and told him in her always laughing sort of way “Tex get out of here”   i just laughed because it was funny because Hannah knows i’ll jump up and chant “BCS” cause i’m just soooo happy but i have work to do so Hannah had to keep my brother from distracting me

in short, Hannah had to bottle up my excitement, she had to keep me on track in class that whole week

on thursday, alex tries running in again but me and Hannah’s teacher sees him and says “adam is in class, how would you feel if adam ran into one of your classes and distracted you?”

on friday, i didn’t see my brother during school so yea


on saturday, the oregon stanford game was on FSN

i went to FSN only to find the fucking UW husky game

i went to ESPN3.com to see if i could watch the game there but it doesn’t carry FSN games

i had to watch the game on espn gamecast, which means you just watch the boxscore and wait for updates

i wasn’t happy at all

stanford built a big lead and in the 3rd quarter they were up big

i wasn’t surprised because it was your normal letdown/trap game following a huge program changing win

i wasn’t happy though

at one point, we were down so big i walked away from the computer in frustration and went to take a shower

when i got out of the shower, i saw that oregon had cut the lead by 14 points so i started watching again

but then stanford scores again and oregon turns it over

i decide i’ve had enough and go back in the bathroom to take a shit

when i got done taking a shit, i went back to the computer (washed my hands of course) and see that stanford fumbled and oregon scored while i was on the toilet (not very long haha)

so i said outloud “if i just stay in the bathroom, oregon will come back” see i have superstitions haha

so i went back in the bathroom and shaved my facial hair/beard

i get done shaving and check the score, but only to see that stanford scored

i give up and watch the rest of the game

i watch oregon lose and stanford’s crowd rush the field


seeing their fans rush the field actually made me happy because it meant that oregon has gotten to the point where we are so good that when other teams beat us, their fans rush the field to celebrate

i wasn’t too bummed about losing though, we just got knocked out of the national championship picture for good, but in all honesty, Boise State took care of that in our first game

we’re still one game ahead of everybody in the conference race so now it’s just turn our attention to chasing the dream, the fight to get to the Granddaddy of them all, THE ROSE BOWL

we’re still leading the conference so it’s good, losing to stanford didn’t really hurt us at all

the dream: win the pac 10, go to THE ROSE BOWL!

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