A looooooooove poem

 love is a Dr. Monsta

 its as strong as Masheen

 moves as fast as formula 7

 tricks you like radical one

 puts you on the throne like El King

 plays with you like kool kat

 spins you like tornado shark

 there’s always highs and lows

 it can be a roller coaster

 so be a high rider

 take your sword of justice

 and stab with cupid

 never seek max revenge

 you can be mightier than that

 love can amaze you

 give you a wow canairo

 leave you aghast

 until you speak lead oxide

 don’t get nimi on me baby

 and don’t get lavite crabby

 stay true

 go through the checkpoints

 and don’t have your love

get wasted

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