Resource Wars/WW3

Israel/Palestine: Genocide of Palestinians. Land and gas.
Ukraine/Russia: Gas
South Sudan: Genocide.
Sudan: Darfur Genocide.
Central African Republic: Genocide.
Nigeria: Oil.
Niger: Uranium.
Libya: Civil War
West Papua: Genocide. Clearcutting forests/palm oil plantations.
Sri Lanka: Genocide.
Bahrain: Oppression.
Syria: Civil War.
Iraq: Civil War. Oil.
China/Japan/Philippines: Oil & Gas.
Cascadia (U.S & Canada’s Pacific Northwest): Coal, Gas & Tar Sands Oil export.
Burma (Myanmar): Ethnic Cleansing/Genocide. Rahkine resources.
Congo: Minerals.
Chad: Minerals.
Kenya: Past/Still ongoing genocide? Minerals.
Australia: Coal.
Indonesia: Clearcutting forests/palm oil plantations.
Egypt: Oppression.
Brazil: Clearcutting forests/palm oil plantations.
Ecuador: Oil in the Amazon.
Bolivia: Minerals in its salt flats.
Colombia: Drugs.
U.S & Canada: Coal, Gas & Oil.
Nicaragua: Canal and cutting forests.
Madagascar: Clearcutting forests/palm oil plantations.

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