Getting Rid of All The Nuclear Weapons

It is no secret that nuclear weapons are a threat to the world as long as they exist.  They serve no good for anybody.  There is no reason why there should still be nukes today.  As computers and robots become more human like.. well to be honest, once machines have the ability to think for themselves, which they will, we’re all going to be screwed.  Once they can think for themselves, as has been pointed out by others, the power they will have will be unimaginable.  They will not need us in order to survive since they don’t need oxygen, and would be able to repair themselves and so on.. Being that I doubt we’re going to smash all of our machines and go to an indigenous lifestyle connected to our land, it’s vitally important we get rid of all the nuclear weapons in the world before the machines take away our power.  Sure, this sounds like fear-mongering and drama, and yea it sounds like that Terminator movie, but the ironic thing is.. the movie is accurate.  All movies are accurate to be honest, they are telling us something, but many of us watch movies for the entertainment value, not to dig out the message the movie is telling us.  We can not risk letting nuclear weapons fall into the control of computers and machines.  There are other things we must get rid of too that can’t fall into the control of machines, but for this post, I am focusing on nuclear weapons.

Our global leaders, especially the U.S and Russia, have failed recently to come up with an agreement to further reduce their nuclear stockpile.  North Korea is building nukes, China is a rising military power, Japan wants to get in the game, and Pakistan sees it’s nuclear stockpile as a source of national pride.  How did we come to live in a world where a bomb that can kill millions instantly is something to be proud of having?  U.S republicans, well probably democrats too, but republicans make the most noise about it, they do not want to reduce our nuclear stockpile because they see it as a source of “defense”…  what kind of B.S is that?!  The U.S could kill everyone in the world with its nukes.  That’s not defense.  Nobody’s going to come over here and nuke us.  Hell, the last time anybody came over here was Japan, and if you know your history, we provoked them.  Okay yea, there’s 9/11, but we provoked them too, as we’ve been messing around the middle east since World War II trying to get oil.  Anyways, enough of me going on and on and on.  Our leaders don’t want to get rid of nukes.. well I do, and I know how to make world leaders want to do so also..  Here’s my ideas..

The Market value of a nuclear weapon is roughly $1 billion.  Sooooooo…

For every country that has a nuclear weapon, they would get $1 billion from the World Bank and/or IMF for every nuke that they take apart.  This way, everyone has an economic incentive to get rid of their nukes, and the World Bank/IMF can actually do something good for the first time.

To help push nuclear countries to dismantle as many nukes as fast as they can, I would make it into a competition..  an economic competition per say.  Whichever country dismantles the most nukes each year would get double pay.  So for example, say in year one, the U.S dismantles the most, say 500 warheads.  So that’s $500 billion, $1 billion per nuke, plus since they dismantled the most, they get double that amount.  So the U.S gets another $500 billion.  Who wouldn’t want an extra $500 billion added to the economy??  That’s what I thought.

Since not all nuclear countries have the same amount of nuclear stockpile, it means some countries wouldn’t be able to win that double pay.  For example, Israel, estimated to have anywhere between 80-200 nukes, could get rid of all of theirs in a year, while the U.S or Russia could get rid of 500 and still have thousands.  So to provide an additional incentive to those with smaller stockpiles, each year, whichever country reduces their nuclear stockpile by the greatest percentage would get $1 billion for each percentage point.  So France, estimated to have 300 nukes, could get rid of 150 of them in a year.  That’s 50 percent of their stockpile.  If no other country dismantled 50 percent or more of their stockpile, then France would get $50 billion for 50 percent, on top of the $150 billion for the 150 nukes.  So that’d be $200 billion for their economy.  If Russia and the U.S are too lazy and France’s 150 is also the most any country got rid of, they would also get the double pay, so another $150 billion, meaning their total just for one year would be $350 billion.  Talk about boosting your economy while making the world a safer place.

Since the goal is to get rid of all nuclear weapons in the world, whichever country crosses the finish line first by getting rid of all their nuclear weapons gets double pay.  So um, just for fun, lets say North Korea, which is thought of as having 10 nukes at the most, gets rid of all of theirs first since they have so few.  They win the double pay, so they get $20 billion.  And boy oh boy, that type of money sure would help feed their people.

Whichever country crosses the finish line second gets 50% of their total.  So if the U.K is second, they get $225 billion for their estimated 225 nukes, plus another $122.5 billion (half of 225).  So that’s a total of $347.5 billion for them.

3rd across the finish line gets an extra 25% of their total and fourth place gets an extra 10%.  There’s nine nuclear countries, so having bonuses at the end for only four of them would hopefully make it a race between all the countries to see who gets rid of all their nukes the fastest.  Obviously, the U.S and Russia would have to be in a full on sprint because of how much they need to get rid of.

I don’t know how long it usually takes to dismantle a nuclear weapon, but I’m going to guess that getting rid of 1% of your stockpile each year shouldn’t be too hard.  Since the end of the Cold War, the U.S has reportedly reduced their stockpile by 84% which would average out to at least 2% a year since it hasn’t been more than like 40 years.  So basically, if a country fails to reduce their stockpile by 1% in a given year, a U.N peacekeeping force would be sent to that country to supervise the work to make sure nothing sneaky is going on.

Whichever country happens to be left with the last nuclear weapon would have the option of either dismantling it, or dropping it on the Alberta Tar Sands as a demonstration broadcasted around the world to show everyone why we had to get rid of every last nuke for the safety and well being of our planet and our own species.  I say the Alberta Tar Sands because although it’d be poisoned with nuclear radiation, flattening all that land at once would allow the land to start it’s rehabilitation process quickly, where as restoring it from it’s current state would take decades and would involve fighting big oil and going onto that land, which trust me, you don’t want to go there, it is one of the if not the nastiest place on earth.  Canada, clean that shit up.. like today, not tomorrow or in 50 years, now.

Whichever country dismantles or drops the last nuke would get $10 billion as a reward for ridding the world of nuclear weapons once and for all.

Once all nukes are gone, all the nuclear countries get $100 billion as a thank you for getting rid of them.

Also once all the nukes are gone, all the non-nuclear countries in the world get to split $17.2 trillion evenly.  There is about 17,200 nukes in the world, so $1 billion per nuke is $17.2 trillion.  The non-nuclear countries get to split that amount as a gift for not building any nukes, but also as a “your welcome” message from the nuclear countries for them giving you a nuclear free world.  There are 187 non-nuclear countries in the world, so $17.2 trillion equals about $92 billion for each country.  I’m pretty sure every country would pretty happily take that.

Now, the money that every country gets, both the nuclear and non-nuclear countries, it all has to be spent the same way.  Nobody gets to dish out their money to big oil or to military spending or big ag or all that other stuff.  For the nuclear countries, here’s how their money gets spent.. every $1 billion gets divided up like such..

10% goes to victims of nuclear testing and for restoration of test sites

15% goes to clean up of weapon production sites (example being Hanford, Washington in the U.S)

50% goes to public transportation (Bus Rapid, Streetcar, Light Rail, Monorail, High Speed Rail, bike paths)  – no subway because digging tunnels eats up so much money it’s just a waste.  This would greatly reduce the need for cars, and would make cities cleaner and better places to live while still allowing everyone to move around.  Also helps to fight climate change and reduce energy consumption.

5% goes to urban farming.  This includes permaculture, aquaponics, food forests and other forms of sustainable food growing.  All organic. 

5% goes to renewable energy.  This doesn’t include nuclear energy, as it requires storing spent fuel rods.  This will help all countries get away from oil, which would greatly reduce the need for anybody to go to war with anybody else and would greatly help the fight against climate change.

10% goes to victims of uranium mining and restoration of mining areas, such as Arlit, Niger.  Other areas include Namibia, DRC, Gabon, Canada, Australia, Paraguay and many other countries.

5% goes to public health services.

For non-nuclear countries, 50% goes to public transportation & sustainable housing, 5% goes to urban farms, 5% goes to renewable energy, 5% goes to public health services and the remaining 35% can be spent on such things as education, re-wilding nature, sports, recreational activities and so on, anything that is healthy for people and the planet.

So all in all, this is my idea for getting rid of all the nuclear weapons in this world before it is too late.  We deserve to live in a safe world without the fear of nuclear weapons.

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